Shane Sellers Career Earnings | How Much He Earn as Jockey In Horse Racing

Shane Sellers Career Earnings

Shane Sellers

Career Wins: 4,147
Career Earnings:
$14 million
Major Racing Wins:
American Classics, Breeder’s Cup
Racing Award:
Status: Retired

Sellers won number of national riding championships and was a leading rider at Arlington Park. He is retired but hold number records that still not broken yet.

Shane Sellers is a professional American thoroughbred horse racing jockey. He made debut at the age of 17 and soon rode his first winner at Evangeline downs in 1983. During the career he won major races including Breeder’s Cup and American classics. Shane Sellers career earnings exceed more than $14 million which includes sponsorship deals bonus money.

JockeyCareer EarningsSignificant HorsesRetires
Shane Sellers$14 millionSkip Away2009

Things have been changed for the Shane Sellers after getting seriously injured during the race. It took two years to make comeback to the horse racing. After two years of recovery back in horse racing in 2002 and retired in 2004 with some successful performances. He is listed richest jokey alongside Pat Day.

FAQs Regarding Shane Sellers Career Earnings Details|

When he wins his first career title?

At the age of 17 in 1983 at Evangeline Downs.

Major Racing Wins?

Breeder’s Cup and American Classics.

Top Records?

He rode 29 thoroughbreds in Breeder’s Cup races.

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