Thomas Tuchel Contract Deal with Chelsea Until 2024 | Worth of £45 million (Revealed)

Thomas Tuchel Contract Salary

Thomas Tuchel

Team Manager : Chelsea
Contract Deal : 4 Years (2024)
Base Salary : £10 million
Weekly Wages : £210,000

Chelsea become the champions league new title holder in 2021, signed extension deal with manager Thomas Tuchel. The current contract of Thomas Tuchel worth of £45 million which include signing bonus and league title win bonus and other bonuses. Details of Thomas Tuchel contract deal and base salary reported.

Thomas Tuchel is a professional football manager from Germany. He signed new contract deal with Chelsea in 2021, worth of £45m. Chelsea under his management won UEFA Super Cup and Champions League title while finished runner-ups in FA Cup during 2020-21 season.

Contract YearBase SalaryWeekly WageValue of Contract
2021-24 £10 million £210,000 £45 million

He previously managed top teams of Borussia Dortmund and PSG. He left PSG to join Chelsea in 2021. Tuchel is hopeful to lead his premier league side towards premier league title in 2021-22 challenge Liverpool and Manchester City.

If he joins or signed new deal in future with another club details regarding Thomas Tuchel contract and base salary reported here. He is currently holding expensive manager contract deal in Premier League.

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