Vanessa Hanson Career Earnings | UFC Contract | How Much She Earn As Ring Card Octagon Girl & Magazine Cover Shoots

Vanessa Hanson UFC Earnings

Vanessa Hanson

UFC Contract : 2022
Per Year Earnings : $600,000
UFC Earnings : $300,000 (reported)
Social Media Earnings : $50,000
Sponsorship & Endorsements : $275,000

Vanessa Hanson well known for her work as ring card girl in UFC. She is a model and active contract holder of octagon girl. She began her career as model in her college year.

Vanessa Hanson become full time model from part time and began her modelling career from Los Angeles. Hanson won a contest to be a guest at UFC octagon girl and later join the octagon girls on full time. In 2020, mma news sources claimed that Hanson currently second best paid model at UFC octagon girl. Vanessa Hanson career earnings and current contract deal with UFC until 2022 reported.

Q: How much Vanessa Hanson earning per ppv fight card in 2022?

UFC keeps Hanson on tight schedule and she is making more $50k from pay-per-view main card appearances.

Q: How much Vanessa Hanson makes from magazine Photoshoots & Covers?

A: Ring model of UFC earn minimum $75k and maximum $200k for magazine cover shoot.

Q: Which Cover Magazine Hanson Appear since Joining UFC?

A: FHM, Sports Illustrated

Q: How much Vanessa Hanson makes from her current UFC contract as Octagon Girl?

A: It’s confirmed that she is earning $300k which do not include sponsorship bonus for wearing brand apparel during ring walk.

She become one of the most search ring girl, alongside Camila Oliveira in 2020, no details yet released which pay-per-view events she will appear as ring card girl However any changes to her UFC contract and payouts details reported later about Vanessa Hanson career earnings.

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