NFL Cheerleaders Salaries | How Much They Will Earn Per Match In Super Bowl

NFL Cheerleaders Salaries

Besides the players, cheerleaders also have a major role in the entertainment of people. They perform and amuse the public not only present in the ground but also the audience on the TV. In the previous few years, they gain so much importance that contracts are offered to them now. NFL cheerleaders salaries 2023 revealed. The professionals earn the most.

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NFL Cheerleaders Salaries :

There are two kinds of performers. One who have immense experience as they are performing from many years. They are known as professionals while second one are those who have just passed a competition and reached the stage. These cheerleaders are actually rookies who will be on their way to start their career.

Professional Cheerleaders | These performers perform their duties from many years and holds the contract with the teams. That’s why, they are paid higher and also get commissions for performing in the big events and matches as well. Moreover, their pay rates are also higher as compared to rookies.

Rookie Cheerleaders | These cheerleaders have just started their career and thus they are unknown for the world. They don’t get contract with teams directly in beginning of their career but receive per match and per hour fees. That’s why it is not easy to predict their annual salary.

Highest Paid NFL Cheerleaders :

TeamsFee/HourFee/MatchYearly Income
Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders$25$1000$150,000
Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders$25$1000$150,000
Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders$25$1000$150,000
Green Bay Packers Cheerleaders$25$1000$150,000
Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders$25$1000$150,000
Los Angeles Charger Girls$25$1000$150,000
Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders$25$1000$150,000
Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders$25$1000$150,000
New England Patriots Cheerleaders$25$1000$150,000
Pittsburgh Steelerettes$25$1000$150,000
San Francisco Gold Rush$25$1000$150,000
Houston Texans Cheerleaders$25$500$150,000
Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders$25$500$150,000
Jacksonville ROAR$25$500$150,000
Carolina Topcats$25$500$150,000
Las Vegas Raiderettes$25$500$150,000
Chicago Honey Bears$25$500$150,000
Cincinnati Ben–Gals$25$500$150,000
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders$25$500$150,000
Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders$25$500$150,000
Denver Broncos Cheerleaders$25$500$150,000
New Orleans Saintsations$25$500$150,000
New York Jets Flight Crew$25$500$150,000
Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders$25$500$150,000
Detroit Lions Cheerleaders$25$500$150,000
Buffalo Jills$25$500$150,000
Seahawks Dancers$25$500$150,000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders$25$500$150,000
Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders$25$500$150,000
Washington Redskins Cheerleaders$25$500$150,000

Other Bonuses

There are many other bonuses and rewards provided to the cheerleaders besides the salaries. Some of them are following.

  • Free car parking tickets
  • Club match tickets
  • Free travel
  • Contract after one year of experience
  • Free media coverage
  • Free accommodation

They get free car parking fees and also free matches and club matches ticket. Moreover, there is a free media coverage that makes these youngsters popular and they get contracted with the magazines and TV shows. So, there is a chance for them to become an actress and win a chance in Hollywood. While as they became experienced, their contracts with the teams renewed.

That’s all about the salaries of cheerleaders of hardcore event, the National Football League. Super Bowl 2023 is coming. If there are any further updates, we will update them on the site.

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