Nike vs Adidas | Which Is Making More Money From Sports?

Here are the complete details about the Nike vs Adidas comparison and how much money they are making from sports endorsements and merchandise sales.

There are many brands that have dominated the market for their exceptional quality and sturdy materials. However, only few become able to be the part of sports for their outstanding stuff and customizable making. Boots are the most crucial part of each sports as the players have to run on the pitch. Most importantly, boots have a great importance in football as players have to kick as well as strike the ball into the goal.

Nike Adidas Sports Money

Nike vs Adidas | Which Is Making More Money From Sports?

There are many leading brands in the sports boots industry like Puma, Lara, Nike, Adidas and many others. However, Nike and Adidas have earned a great name. They have sold their products to the biggest names of the sports world. Thus are highly famous among the fans and are earning a whopping revenue from the sports as well as casual sales.

Which one of them is greater in sports industry? The answer to this question is not simple as both have include all the necessary features in their shoes. However, there are some factors on which we can make a difference in the worth of both boots giants in athletes world.

Quality Of Boots

Nike and Adidas, both have provided excellent quality of sports boots and no can say that one is superior to other in term of quality. However, depending upon their intense of use, Nike is better than Adidas if they are to be used in football. As footballers have to kick the ball and run for 90 minutes continuously, reports and feedback revealed that Nike provides more comfortable feeling.

Innovative Technology

Use of technology has created a clear difference in the sports as compared to the old times and the same is the case with boots. Nike and Adidas have made the use of technology in their products to make them the top product. However, Adidas is far better than the use of innovation in the boots to make them better and better. While Nike does not have improved their standards in the previous years.


This factor directly relates with the marketing strategy of both sportswear giants. Nike has their focus strictly on making sports shoes and thus are trying to add the looks and design that make them use easily in high profile sports like football, cricket, rugby and baseball. While the current marketing strategy of Adidas is to capture the sports market as well as the casual designs are also there for public purchase. Hence, Nike has more importance in sports industry.

Sports Endorsements

Nike is again on the top in signing the endorsement contracts with the players. Thus the brand has received the immense popularity among the fans and is now leading the market with huge sales. While on the other side, Adidas has not made so much endorsements deals. Thus, is far behind than Nike in revenue generation.

Revenue Generation

Adidas and Nike are dominating the market for the last 10 years. But the market policies and endorsement plans along with many other crucial factor have played an important role in the revenue gap of both. In 2021, Nike has collected the revenue of €36.53 billion, While Adidas is at number 2 with the collective revenue of €21.23 billion in 2021. Talking about Puma, it is number 3 with the €6.81 billion revenue generated in 2021.

Final Verdict

After keeping all the points in views, it is clearly concluded that Nike is far better in sports industry as compared to Adidas. Thus, it is getting more revenue as compared to the other brands.

All these are the details about Nike vs Adidas and how much money they are making from sports. If there is any change in the details, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more updates!