PFL Referees Salaries | Per PPV Fees | How Much They Earn from Sponsorships?

PFL Referees Salaries

Professional Fighters League has earned incredible fame since its launch in 2018. All this is never easy as organizers and management has worked day and night to improve the standard of promotion. From the broadcasting deals to fighters purses and staff payouts, all things have impressed the MMA fans and critics. Besides the fighters, referees are also getting handsome figures as their base salary. Here are the complete details about the PFL referees salaries and how much they are earning for appearance in the major pay-per-view event.

PFL Referees Salaries | How Much They Earn Per PPV Event?

Rookies: Professional Fighters League is although not reached the level of Ultimate Fighting Championship as they are far behind in stars power, merchandise sales and broadcasting contracts. Still, they managed to provide good payouts to fighters and referees as well. A junior referee when gets into the promotion, receives $150 as a match fee for officiating a normal fighting event. Besides these, there are no additional bonuses available to them. However, the contracts renewed every year and the salary increments based on the performance in the ring.

Professionals: A referee when gets the experience of 3 or 4 years with some good performance in the ring, he gets ludicrous contract signings with PFL which brings enormous payouts to him. On average, a professional referee earns the match fee of $500 for officiating a normal fight event. However, when it comes to major pay-per-views, there is a solid boom in match fee and it will rise up to $1,000. Moreover, there are also PPV revenew available to them which makes these professionals pocket around $30k per year.

CategoriesMatch FeePPV Match FeeAnnual Earnings
Rookies$150N/ABased On Contract

Highest Paid PFL Referees

Gary Copeland is the highest paid referee currently active in Professional Fighters League. He is working on ludicrous contract basis signed with the promotion and appears only in the major pay-per-view events. His match fee is currently touching the mark of $1,500 besides the PPV share. Copeland is earning $50k from his signings with PFL. PFL ref’s salaries compared to UFC is low.

All these are the details about the PFL referees salaries. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!