How Much A PGA Tour Caddie Earn In A Year | Gets 10% Prize Money Share From Golfer Purse

Golf Caddies help to make the game easy for the golfer. Pro Caddies become the close member of a PGA tour Professional’s inner circle. Golf caddies have a lot of responsibility as they are players’ coaches, mentors, inspirators, and course analysts. A PGA Tour Golfer puts a lot of faith in the Caddies they hire. So, the best Golfer pays his caddie well, But the question that arises here is:

  • How Much Caddies earn from a PGA Tour?

This post will lead you towards the Answer and will provide Essential details like:

  • What is Caddie?
  • How much Caddies earn from a PGA Tour?
  • PGA Tour Caddies Salaries Breakdown
  • What Are A Caddies Duties

What is Caddie?

A Caddie is a person who carries a player’s bag and clubs and gives useful advice to the golfer. He is the players’ coach, mentor, inspirator, and course analyst.

How much Caddies earn from a PGA Tour?

On average, PGA Tour caddies make a base salary of US $1,500-3,000 per tournament. Moreover, it’s an old belief that, If a golfer wins a tournament, a caddy will make 10 percent of the earnings if the golfer wins the tournament.

For a top ten finish, a caddy will earn 7%, and for anything else, the caddy makes 5% of the earnings. Most caddies will also have their travel expenses covered by the player as well.

However, this is not the official salary, A pro or top-ranked golfer caddie earns more as he has a more prominent role. Every caddie’s salary is negotiated with the golfer, but 10% of the winning purse is standard practice.

PGA Tour Caddies Salaries Breakdown

A PGA Tour caddie is the Main person behind the success of Golfers as he selects the Club and guides him according to the situation. Caddie’s salaries vary from Golfer to Golfer. However 10% winning cut remains the same.

These are:

  • PGA Tour Caddies has base salary of US $1500-3000 to cover their expenses.
  • Percenatge share depeneds on How Golfer proceed in the Torunament. If Golfer wins the tournament, Caddie will Get additional 10%.
  • Professional Caddies with Top players earn US $3,000 – $100,000.

The winning golfer caddie makes $100,000 from major tournaments and world championships held in a season. Golf caddies make money according to the golfer’s standings in the tournaments.

What Are A Caddies Duties

For decades, the role of a caddie was pretty cut and dry. The caddie was in charge of:

  • Carrying the bag
  • Cleaning clubs
  • Rake sand traps and bunkers after a player’s shot
  • Replacing divots
  • Helping read putts
  • Assistance with locating errant shots
  • Scouting the course

But Today, a caddie tends to be so much more in addition to the above. Caddies became a very close member of a PGA Tour pro’s inner circle. They will be seen acting as crowd control for their player as well as their driver to and from the golf course.

ContractsPayouts (Each Season)
Pro Caddies$1.5m (including purses share from golfers prize money)
Women Caddies$250k (Fanny Sunesson famous one women caddie in golf)
Entry Level $30k (They only get contract once have 2-3 years golf expiernce)

Extra Benefits |

  • Golf caddies who are on major tours gets better hostilities
  • they get five star and three star hotel bookings
  • sponsorship or endorsement wearing brand outfits

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