Top 6 PHD Athletes In The World | What Are Their Earnings From Professional Education

PHD Athletes Earnings Education

Education and sports are arch rivals to each other as almost all players are uneducated. Even the greatest names of the sports world have not passed the high school education. However, there are some famous athletes who have advanced educations. Here are the complete details about the athletes with PHD degrees and how much they bank the earnings from the professional education.

PHD Athletes & Their Earnings From Professional Education

6 – John Urschel

  • Sport | NFL Player
  • Degree | Applied Mathematics
  • Profession | Peer-Articles Reviewer
  • Salary | $2k

Urschel is best known for his time in National Football League as he made his debut in 2014. He played for Baltimore Ravens as a guard and center, but only for a short period before his retirement in 2016. The American has done his PHD in Applied Mathematics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Besides the NFL career, Urschel is also working as Peer Articles Reviewer in Mathematics. He is pocketing $2k as a salary for his profession.

5 – Charlotte Hym

  • Sport | Street Skateboarder
  • Degree | Cognitive Neuroscience & Psychology
  • Profession | Neuroscientist
  • Salary | $3k

Charlotte Hym is a French Skateboarder and is also working as a neuroscientist. She is one of the highly qualified athlete ever in the world who has PHD degree in Cognitive Neuroscience & Psychology. Hym is pocketing $3k for working as neuroscientist in Paris besides the salary from his sports career. She has done his doctorate degree from the Paris Descartes University.

4 – Anna Kiesenhofer

  • Sport | Cyclist & Olympian
  • Degree | Applied Mathematics
  • Profession | Postdoctoral Fellow At EPFL
  • Salary | $6.7k

Currently working as a postdoctoral fellow in mathematics at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne . Kiesenhofer is also performing as a cyclist and has won the gold medal in the women’s individual road race at the 2020 Summer Olympics. She has completed his PHD in Applied Mathematics and is pocketing $6.7k monthly for his job at EPFL.

3 – Deng Yaping

  • Sport | Table Tennis Player
  • Degree | Land Economy
  • Profession | Politician
  • Salary | $6.7k

4 Olympics championships as well as 14 world championships winner Deng Yaping is one of the best Table Tennis player of all times. Besides her brilliance in the sports, she was also a brilliant student and has earned his PHD in Land Economy from University of Cambridge. She is also working as a politician and pocketing average $6.7k monthly.

2 – Lise Leveille

  • Sport | Women’s Artistic Gymnastics
  • Degree | Neurosciences
  • Profession | Director For Orthopaedics Of University of British Columbia
  • Salary | $15k

Lisa Leveille is working as Director For Orthopaedics Of University of British Columbia. She has completed her doctorate in neurosciences from University of British Columbia and currently pocketing $15k as a monthly base salary. Lise was a former Women’s Artistic Gymnastics and has received much success from her sports career.

1 – Katherine Grainger

  • Sport | Olympics Athlete
  • Degree | Law
  • Profession | Chancellor of the University of Glasgow
  • Salary | $425k

Katherine Grainger, 2012 Summer Olympics gold medalist, four-time Olympic silver medalist and six-time World Champion is the current chair of UK Sport. Moreover, she is working as the Chancellor of the University of Glasgow amd is taking home $37.5k as her monthly base salary. Katherine has done his PHD in Law from King’s College London.

1Katherine GraingerChancellor of the University of Glasgow$37.5kOlympics Athlete
2Lise LeveilleDirector for Orthopaedics of University of British Columbia$15kWomen’s Artistic Gymnastics
3Deng YapingPolitician$10kTable Tennis Player
4Anna KiesenhoferPostdoctoral Fellow At EPFL$6.7kCyclist & Olympian
5Charlotte HymNeuroscientist$3kStreet Skateboarder
6John UrschelPeer-Articles Reviewer$2kNFL Player

All these are the details about the PHD athletes and their earnings from their professional education besides the sports career. If there is any change in the details, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!