How Much Premier League Clubs Charge Children For Being Mascot | West Ham United Charges £700 From Kids To Be The Players Mascot

Premier League Club Charges For Players Mascot

In football, There are two types of Mascots. The ones we are talking about here are the kids, that walk out with the players ahead of the match. They usually come out with players holding their hero hands during the warm-up. Usually one thinks that mascots are the club’s academy players or came from school to met their idols and there’s no fee for that. However, That’s not the case in the premier league. Club’s Like West Ham United charges a hefty piece of amount up to £700 from the parents of the children who walk out of the tunnel alongside their players before a major home match. Based on that, let’s take a look at How much Premier League Club Charges For Players Mascot?

Key Takeaway’s

  • Not All premier league club charges from their mascots
  • There are more things included in the deal
  • More than half of Premier League teams charge for kids to be mascots  
  • West Ham highest package is costing £600
  • Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea are among clubs not to charge

How much Premier League Club Charges For Players Mascot

To meet their idols on the football pitch is the real luxury for kids. Like any other luxury, this come’s too with a handy price. Premier League clubs and even championship clubs charge their mascot for the traditional tunnel walk.

However, Some clubs, including some of the very biggest, make no charge for the privilege of being a mascot. Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and the two Manchester clubs are among them.

But plenty of others do. At Tottenham, the top charge is £405. At Leicester City, the top charges are £600 which includes 4 tickets, meals, and a full replica kit.

ClubCostChildren AgesDetails
Everton£7185-13Includes full kit and 2 tickets, plus 1 free junior game
West Ham United£7006-12Includes 2 tickets but no kit
Leicester City£6007-11Includes 4 tickets, meal, and full replica kit
Tottenham Hotspur£405 – £2555-14Three categories A-C, different prices mid-week vs weekend, includes 2 tickets and replica kit
Wolverhampton Wanderers£395 – £2904-113 game categories, Platinum, Gold & Silver – Includes 4 tickets and full replica kit
Crystal Palace£375 (Gold) £100 (Silver)5-14Gold includes 3 tickets, kit & more, silver is walk-out only
Brighton and Hove Albion£350 (Captain) £250 (Standard)7-12Both include kit and 2 tickets, captain package leads the team out with captain + other benefits
Burnley£300 (VIP) £40 (Escort)5-12VIP includes kit, 4 tickets, favorite player walkout & more, escort is walking out only
Leeds United£2554-10Includes kit, 2 tickets, and other benefits
Watford£250 – £1805-12Three categories, A-C, 3 tickets but no kit included
Aston Villa£185 (A) £150 (B)
4-12Must be junior member, category A matches more expensive (e.g Liverpool). No kit or match ticket included.
ArsenalFree4-11For junior members only + 4 match tickets & club vouchers
Chelsea Free 6-12For junior members only
Liverpool Free 4-11For junior members only
Manchester City Free 5-12For junior members only
Manchester United Free 7-14For junior members only
Newcastle United Free 5-13For junior members only
Southampton Free 5-14For junior members only, 2 tickets, no kit provided
Brentford Free 5-12For junior members only
Norwich City Free 5-12For junior members only, includes 2 tickets but no kit

Most expensive mascot packages at Premier League clubs

  • Everton £718
  • West Ham United £700
  • Leicester City £600
  • Tottenham Hotspur £405
  • Wolves £395
  • Crystal Palace £375
  • Brighton £350
  • Burnley £300
  • Leeds United £255
  • Watford £250
  • Aston Villa £185
  • Free | Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, Man United, Newcastle United, Brentford, Norwich City and Southampton.

First club To Charged from Mascots

At the start of 2019, it emerged that Swansea City charge Premier League prices for children to be player escorts, in spite of the fact that they had dropped out of the Premier League to the Championship the previous summer.

Research by BBC Wales discovered that parents hoping their offspring could be a mascot for the side would have to pay just shy of £480 for the privilege.

That was a price that only 3 Premier League clubs at the time asked for more than, which led to many to brand it ‘outrageous’.

However, Many clubs stated that the money charged from the Parents is transferred to the club’s charity donation for underwhelming kids. The money is later used for their development and meals.

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