Which Premier League Club Spent The Most In Agent Fees?

Premier League is widely regarded as the most lucrative football league not only in Europe but also in the World. The financial and premier league tv viewing numbers are staggering compared to other top league. However if Premier League clubs earn the most money they also spend the most compared to any of the other top leagues around Europe. The Premier League transfer spending over the last few years have comfortably reached $1 billion every year but how much of it goes to agents ?

Agent’s fee on the rise in premier league: Premier League clubs spent massive £263m in agents fee during 2019-20 season. Liverpool forked out the most of any Premier League club spending around £30.3 million in agent’s fees. Manchester City and Manchester United spent £29m and £27.5m respectively. We take a look at how much each Premier League Cup spent in Agent’s fee in the past year.

(the numbers are from the calendar year February 2019 to January 2020, that includes summer & winter transfer window of 2019)

Net Total Paid To Agents/Intermediaries By Premier League Clubs
1 Liverpool £30.3 million
2 Manchester City £29.05 million
3 Manchester United £27.5 million
4 Chelsea £26.2 million
5 Everton £16.9 million
6 Leicester City £15.3 million
7 Arsenal £13.5 million
8 West Ham £13 million
9 Tottenham £12.5 million
10 Watford £9.9 million
11 AFC Bournemouth £9.5 million
12 Newcastle United £9 million
13 Wolverhampton Wanderers £8.6 million
14 Crystal Palace £8.1 million
15 Southampton  £6.9 million
16 Brighton & Hove Albion £6.8 million
17 Aston Villa £6.6 million
18 Norwich City £4.9 million
19 Sheffield United £4.2 million
20 Burnely  £3.9 million

Agent’s fee has been on the rise over the last 10 year’s and now there are talks to regulate the agents market by Premier League. Almost every player rely heavily on agents to get better contracts with clubs and also help them secure sponsorship deals which takes alot of responsibility from the player’s shoulder.