Premier League Official Title Sponsorship Deals History From 1992-2017. And Why No More Title Sponsors ?

Premier League is one of the most watched sports league in the world of any sport and that too by a big margin. That also provide some of the biggest brands to attach their names to premier league which run 9 month every single year. Since England’s top division was rebranded to “English Premier League” back in 1992 there have been many big name brands from banks to petrol companies who sponsored premier league over the years in multi-million deals today we breakdown every current premier league sponsorship deal and how much money the it generates.

Premier League Title Sponsors Since 1992:

Since the league was rebranded in 1991/92 season there have been only three “title sponsors” however as of 2016/17 season premier league ditched the title sponsorship now only know as “English Premier League”. Below is the breakdown for each of the 3 title sponsorship deals in league’s history.

#1. Carling Brewery (1993 to 2001)

First every title sponsorship was signed in 1992/93 season where the league was branded as “FA Carling Premiership”. Carling paid £12 million for a 4 year deal to become the very first title sponsors.

It was know as FA Carling Premiership during the contract from 1993 to 2001 seasons.

Carling & Premier League extended the deal to another 4 years from 1997 to 2001 but Carling had to pay a massive £36 million over 4 years. That was 300% increase over the first deal.

#2. Barclaycard (2001 to 2004)

The deal with Barclaycard was worth a massive £48 million over 3 years (that is £16 million a year)

#3. Barclays (2004 to 2017)

in 2004 Barclays renewed their deal with English FA and the league was branded as “Barclays Premier League” not only in England but around the world as well. This deal was worth £65.8 million for the first three season from 2004 to 2007. That was around £22 million a year.

This deal was extended in 2007 for 10 years where Barclays paid a massive £30 million a year to premier league till 2016/17 season.

CarlingFA Carling Premiership4 years (1993 to 1997) £12 million
CarlingFA Carling Premiership 4 years (1997 to 2001) £36 million
BarclaycardBarclaycard Premiership3 years (2001 to 2004) £48 million
BarclaysBarclays Premier League3 years (2004 to 2007) £65.8 million
BarclaysBarclays Premier League10 years (2007 to 2017) £300 million
No title sponsorsEnglish Premier League
Since 2017 season Premier League has ditched the Title sponsorship and instead focus on multiple partners for sponsorship. Now they have titles like Official Banking partner (Barclays), Official Beer Partner, Official Watch etc. But there is no title sponsor anymore.

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