Premier League Referee Salaries (Officially Revealed)

According to recent study Premier League referees make the most money of the top 5 european leagues and that too by quite a margin. Premier League referees are categorized under the banner of Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL). The more experienced referees are in tier 1 who earn a base salary of around £50,000-a-year plus £2000 fee (per match). On average Premier League top referees officiate 20 to 32 games which means they can clear around £100,000 to £120,000 a year. Premier League referees salaries reported first in 2014.

How Much Is The Average Salary Of Premier League Referee ?

All top flight referees in the UK work under the banner of PGMOL in partnership with Premier League and English FA. There are 17 elite referees in the UK who fall under the category of “Select Group One referees”. They are selected for premier league games week and week out throughout the season.

On average top referees can officiate around 30 matches per season depending on their performances. Referees in this group earn a guaranteed base salary of £50,000-a-year but they are also paid £2000 per match. In 2019-20 season Martin Aktinson, Michael Oliver and Anthony Taylor officiated the most games in Premier League (32 each) which means they cleared £114,000 for the services last season.

48 assistant referees are also part of “Select Group One referees” who are paid base salary of £24,000-a-year plus £850 fee (per match).

CategoryBase Salary (Yearly)Per Match FeeAverage Yearly Income
"Select Group One Referees"£50,000£2000£100,000
"Select Group One Assistant Referees"£24,000£850£38,000
Video Assistant Referee£24,000£850£38,000

Premier League Referees Contracts For 2019-20 Season (Confirmed)

In 2019-20 season Martin Atkinson, Michael Oliver and Anthony Taylor officiated the most games in Premier League. All of them officiated 32 games each followed by Mike Dean (27 matches) Chris Kavanagh (26 matches). Below table shows number of games they officiated and how much money they were paid for their services in 2019-20 season. They earn more once got contract for champions league and europa league matches. More details provided here once any new official joined the premier league referees salaries for 2022-23.

Martin Atkinson£50,00032 Matches (£64,000)£114,000
Michael Oliver£50,00032 Matches (£64,000)£114,000
Anthony Taylor£50,00032 Matches (£64,000)£114,000
Mike Dean£50,00027 Matches (£54,000)£104,000
Chris Kavanagh£50,00026 Matches (£52,000)£102,000
Kevin Friend£50,00025 Matches (£50,000)£100,000
Jonathan Moss£50,00025 Matches (£50,000)£100,000
Paul Tierney£50,00025 Matches (£50,000)£100,000
Andre Marriner£50,00024 Matches (£48,000)£98,000
Craig Pawson£50,00023 Matches (£46,000)£96,000
Stuart Attwell£50,00021 Matches (£42,000)£92,000
Graham Scott£50,00019 Matches (£38,000)£88,000
David Coote£50,00016 Matches (£32,000)£82,000
Lee Mason£50,00016 Matches (£32,000)£82,000
Peter Bankes£50,00011 Matches (£22,000)£72,000
Simon Hooper£50,00011 Matches (£22,000)£72,000
Andy Madley£50,00011 Matches (£22,000)£72,000

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