How Much PSG earn in champions league | Club Will Generate Revenue Upto (€120.5m) Including Payouts From TV Market & 10 Years Coefficient

32 teams participated in the 2021-202 champion league and all have the chance to earn a maximum amount of €85 Million in prize money. On top of that, TV pools money, and Coefficient-based payments will be awarded separately. However, the question arises how much is a Team like PSG will make if it wins the champions league in 2022?

To get the figure, one shall understand the champions league prize money breakdown. So, without a delay, let’s dig the Champions League prize money break down and get our hands on PSG final figures.

Champions League prize money overview

A team that manages to win every group stage, and goes on to lift the Champion’s league in ST Petersburg will earn an amount of €85.1 Million. The champions league prize money breakdown:

StagePrize Money Share
Participation Payments:€15.5m to each of the 32 clubs qualified for the group stage.
Performance Bonus€2.7m for every win in the group stage and €900,000 for every draw.
Knockout Qualification€10.5m awarded to each of the 16 teams qualifying knockouts.
Quarterfinals€11.5m awarded to each of the 8 teams qualifying for the quarterfinal
Semifinals€12.5 million for each of the four semifinalists.
Runners-up€16 million for losing team in the final
Winners€20 million is added to winning teams’ already earned payments.

In addition to a potential 85.1m euros in prize money directly related to the Champions League, the tournament winners also stand to receive:

  • €3.5m for qualifying for the UEFA Super Cup
  • €1m if they win the European football season’s curtain-raiser, which is to be held in Helsinki in August 2022.

Moreover, it will have “Coefficient-based amounts” and TV Pool money.

Coefficient-based amounts

UEFA further distributes another 600.6 million 2022 Champions League clubs in the shape of what it calls “coefficient-based amounts”. It’s a performance-based bonus. The last-ranked team will earn as low as 1.137m and Highest ranked team will get 36.38 million. It is based on their performance in European competitions over a 10-year period.

TV Pool money

300 million in TV money is going to be shared among the champion league clubs. The money distribution will depend on

  • Value of the club in nation’s TV market.
  • Where they finished in their domestic league
  • How far each of the country’s sides progress in the Champions League

based on these factors TV pool prize money will be divided among 32 teams.

PSG Champions League Earnings

Based on the above champions league prize distribution criteria and factors, Paris Saint-German can earn

If Win the Champions League | if clubs win the Champions League, PSG Champions league Earnings will be 212.3 million with the addition of Coefficient-based amounts and TV Pool Prize Money.

PSG Champions league Earning Break down:

  • Winning the league | €82.1 million from winning the champions league, group stage wins, KO wins and Inclduing performance based bonus. PSG had 3 wins and 2 draws in group stage earning them a total of €9.9 million. Rest are Qualifying bonus through reaching the final and winning the league cash prize.
  • 10 Years Coefficient | PSG stands currently on 6th postion on UEFA Coefficient Based amounts which will earn the club additional €28.2 million in payments.
  • TV Pool Money | PSG will get TV Pool money of €102 million after winning the champion league as only two teams from League one has been qualified for the UEFA RO16.

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