Pakistan Super League Umpires Salaries | What Kind of Contracts Offered to Match Officials in PSL?

Pakistan Super League improved after each season. The league introduce not only new talent of cricket, but umpires from the countries. Recently, Shozab Raza, Rashid Riaz and Asif Yaqoob getting prominent for their decisions in the matches, will soon earn their contracts with ICC umpires panel. Umpire play the important role in every match who can change the whole match scenario with one decision. PSL umpires salaries increased after each season.

OfficialsBase SalarySponsorship BonusCategoryContracts
Ahsan Raza$10k$3kUmpire2023
Aleem Dar$20k$3kUmpire2023
Alex Wharf$20k$3kUmpire2023
Asif Yaqoob$10k$3kUmpire2023
Faisal Afridi$10k$3kUmpire2023
Martin Saggers$20k$3kUmpire2023
Michael Gough$20k$3kUmpire2023
Mohammad Asif$10k$3kUmpire2023
Nasir Hussain$10k$3kUmpire2023
Rashid Riaz$10k$3kUmpire2023
Richard Illingworth$20k$3kUmpire2023
Shozab Raza$10k$3kUmpire2023
Ruchira Palliyaguruge$20k$3kUmpire2023
Tariq Rasheed$10k$3kUmpire2023
Ali Naqvi$10knot reportedReferee2023
Iftikhar Ahmed$10knot reportedReferee2023
Muhammad Javed$10knot reportedReferee2023
Mohammad Anees$10knot reportedReferee2023
Roshan Mahanama$14knot reportedReferee2023

These match officials make base salary maximum to $16k to $20k only if they were selected more than 10-11 matches in the season. A match official less than 10 matches earn maximum $5k to $6k in a season. After the first edition, the PSL umpires salaries will be revised due after international umpires introduced to the league. The match umpires earnings in PSL increased based on the sponsorship tags on their shirts. Pakistan cricket board increase it’s umpires members for each season only few foreigners joined the league.

How much Umpires earn Per Match in Pakistan Super League?

Match OfficialsPer Match Fees
Field and Third Umpires$1,000

The sources, in the 4th edition reported that a PSL umpire earn $1,000 which is in Pakistan currency (176,304). A maximum umpire can earn in PSL upto $20,000 which is based on his selection in the finals, semi finals and playoff’s.

Aleem Dar60 (since 2016)
Shozab Raza50 (since 2016)

Aleem Dar and Shozab Raza the two Pakistani match officials selected most of the time in last six season of PSL and earn more than $150k in last six season which does not include any sponsorships

Other Benefits Offered to Match Umpires in PSL?

  • Free Hospitality
  • Free Car Parking
  • Free Food
  • Health Insurance
  • Public Image

Almost each league offered to it’s players and officials free hospitality, car parking, food services, health insurance and public image. Match officials will remain the key highlight of the media for one wrong decision.

Top Foreign Umpires In PSL What they Do Earn?

Foreign UmpiresMatches
Ranmore Martinesz41
Richard Illingworth28
Tim Robinson16

There is not much difference in the earnings of the umpires either they were local or foreign. The salary package and benefits offers to them are same.

The appointments of the umpiring panel made each season, these umpires will not hold the jobs for the long-term few wrong decisions will bring them out of contracts. The 2023 PSL season announced as well as umpires panel for the league.

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