Record Financial Numbers Behind IPL Broadcasting Rights Deal 2023-27

IPL Broadcasting Rights Deal

Yesterday, BCCI holds the auction for IPL Broadcasting Rights Deal. In a bit of surprise, IPL Broadcasting Rights Deal received bids over 4000 INR crore. Star Sports has reportedly retained the TV contract as Viacom18 picks up the digital deal. IPL’s domestic rights bring in US$5.64bn combined.

key takeaways:

  • IPL Domestic Broadcasting Rights Deal for the 2022-2027 cycle is doubled the previous $2.55bn from the previous rights cycle
  • Viacom reportedly pick up overseas rights
  • Bidding on additional domestic packages passes US$232m.

IPL Domestic Broadcasting Right Deal

BCCI holds the auction for IPL TV Rights deals for the cycle of 2023-2027. The combined value of the Indian Premier League’s (IPL) domestic traditional linear and digital broadcast partnerships for the 2023 to 2027 cycle is set to more than double to INR 44,075 crore (US$5.64 billion).

BCCI sold the rights in 4 Packages:

  1. Package A: IPL TV rights and in the Indian Subcontinent
  2. B Package: IPL Digitel rights in the Indian subcontinent
  3. Package C: IPL Digital, Special Bouquet, India
  4. Package D: broadcasting rights for the rest of the world, TV + Digital rights.

Disney’s Star Sports has retained the TV broadcast rights to the IPL cricket tournament in the Indian subcontinent, while Viacom18 has secured the digital contract.

Broadcasting Deals

  • Tv: $3.02 Billion by Disney Star
  • Digital: $2.62 Billion by Viacom 18

Tv Rights | Bidding on the linear broadcast package closed with the winner paying I₹23,575 crore (US$3.02 billion) for the 410 match contract, based on a per-game fee of I₹57.5 crore (US$7.36 million).

Digital Rights | The auction for digital rights will see the winner pay I₹50 crore (US$6.41 million) per match and I₹20,500 crore (US$2.62 billion) in total over the course of its five-year deal.

IPL Media rights E-Auction for 2023-27 Cycle

1). Package A

TV Rights for the Indian Subcontinent were purchased by the Disney group

Per Match57.5 Cr7.36 Million
Over Five Years (410 matches) 23,575 Cr$3.02 billion

2). Package B

Digital Rights for the Indian Subcontinent were purchased by the VIACOM 18.

Per Match50 Cr6.41 Million
Over Five Years (410 matches)20,500 Cr$2.62 billion

Media rights of major leagues around the world (per match)

  • NFL $17m (approx. Rs 132 crores)
  • IPL $13.5m (approx. Rs 105 crores)
  • EPL – $11m (approx. Rs 85 crores)
  • MLB- $11m (approx. Rs 85 crores)
  • NBA $2m (approx. Rs 15 crores)

IPL Media Rights Holder in India and Worldwide

PackagesOwnerDistribution AreasTotal Amount
Package ADISNEY STARTV, Indian Subcontinent$3.02 Bn
B PackageVIACOM 18DIGITAL, indian Subcontinent$2.62 Bn
Package CVIACOM 18DIGITAL, Special Bouquet, India$ 417.20M
Package DVIACOM 18Rest of the world, TV + DIGITAL$135.49M
Total value$6.20 Bn

VIACOM 18 will telecast the matches in countries like AUS-NZ, SA, the UK, and the rest of the world.

Comparison with Previous IPL Media Rights