Football Leagues Referees Salaries Comparison (Premier League, La Liga)

Referees are performing their duties almost in every football league. However, in Europe’s top 5 football leagues, they are getting paid very well. Based on their 2021-2022 season earning in different leagues, a comparison table is formed. Take a look at the Referees Salaries Comparison among different leagues:

LeagueBase FeeMatch FeeAverage Referees salary (yearly)
UEFA Champions League$100,000$10,000$1,40,000
Premier League£50,000£2000£100,000
Spanish La Liga€250,000€6,000€388,000
Serie A€160,000€3500 €200,000
Bundesliga€150,000 €3000 €190,000
Ligue One€150,000 €3000 €190,000

In this table, you can clealry see a Referees Salaries Comparison differenece among top 5 leagues referees salaries. Spanish divsion One league, La Liga, is paying its offical the most.

Base salary for match referee is €250,000 with a match fee of €6,000. An average top flight referee in La Liga earned €388,000.

However, premire league depsite their highest league money among top 5 league, it offers very less to its official. Only £2000 a match fee with a base salary of £50,000. Compares to even Ligue one, its half what ligue one is offering.

Referees play an integral role in a football match. From officiating the game to monitoring and calling bookings, they do a lot of work. From game aspects without referees call, the game will be incomplete and look like a wild play.

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