Richest Women Drivers In NASCAR | How Much They Earn from NASCAR Contracts?

NASCAR Richest Women Drivers

Women players are always paid lower as compared to the male athletes, no matter in what sports they are participating and NASCAR is no exception. However, some women professionals has created the history and earned massive money from their tenue in this stock car racing industry. Here are the complete details about the top 10 richest women drivers in NASCAR. We have listed them on the basis of net worth, they pocketed from racing career.

Richest Women Drivers In NASCAR

1 – Danica Patrick: $80 Million

The American former professional stock driver is one of the most influential woman driver in the history. Danica Patrick began stock car racing in 2010 when she joined NASCAR Xfinity Series. To the date, she not only has earned a huge fame but also massive money added to her bank account. As per reports, the total net worth of all the assets of Patrick has touched the $80 million mark. The money comes from large endorsement deals and merchandise sales besides the contract salary.

2 – Kim Crosby: $9 Million

Kim Crosby is a former contender in NASCAR who appeared in Busch Series from the year 2004 to 2006. During her tenure at stock racing, she remained the part of multiple teams including the likes of Pontiac, Dodge and Chevy. Crosby has presented a beautiful show of racing skills and pocketed magnificent numbers as salary. Currently, she is working as racing instructor. From the endorsements, merchandise sales and contract salaries, Crosby’s net worth has crossed the $9 million mark.

3 – Johanna Robbins: $9 Million

Winner of 2010 Snowfall Derby is present at number three in the list. Johanna Robbins, professional stock car racer from America has started performing in NASCAR in 2009. She spent three years in the industry and appeared in 42 races during this time. However, she didn’t manage to show her best and moved Max Series. Johanna is currently having the total assets of worth $9 million and the major chunk comes from the sponsorships during her career.

4 – Patty Moise: $7 Million

The wife of former NASCAR driver Elton Sawyer has also played brilliantly in this industry. Patty Moise became the part of 133 races of Busch Series during her career as stock racing and astonished the world with her magnificent racing skills. She remained the part of NASCAR until 1998 after starting the career in 1987. Moise has played for multiple teams throughout her career and has also pocketed some worthy contracts, which helped her earn the net worth of $7 million to the date.

5 – Tammy Jo Kirk: $5 Million

With the net worth of $5 million, Tammy Jo Kirk is holding the 5th position in the rundown of richest female drivers in NASCAR. She became the first woman racer who competed in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series in1997. And also became the part of Busch Series. Tammy didn’t appear in the stock racing industry since 2003 but has achieved amazing success during her time in NASCAR.

6 – Angela Cope: $3.5 Million

Angela Cope is another professional stock racing female driver from America who is present in the list. She has performed for many teams in NASCAR but the best came out when she signed the deal with Chevrolet Silverado/Toyota Tundra for Reaume Brothers Racing. Angela has earned the net worth of $3.5 million so far including endorsement earnings and merchandise sales. She last appeared in Xfinity Series in 2018.

7 – Jennifer Jo Cobb: $3 Million

Previously competed in Xfinity Series and Whelen Euro Series, Jennifer Jo Cobb is currently participating in NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series. She raced for the first time in 2004 and is considered among the best racers currently active. Jennifer has earned massive form the sponsorships and is having the net worth of $3 million and present at number seven in this rundown.

8 – Erin Crocker: $2 Million

Before marrying with Ray Evernham, the American female car race driver Erin Crocker participated in NASCAR Cup Series as well as in the Camping World Truck Series. As per reports, she has earned the net worth of $2 million. Currently, she is working as a sports broadcasters and is signed with Motor Racing Network’s Winged Nation. Crocker also remained the part of soccer and tennis teams in the past.

9 – Tina Gordon: $1.6 Million

After getting released by her team Jay Robinson Racing in 2005, Tina Gordon took retirement from stock car racing. She became the part of NASCAR Busch Series for the first time in 2001 and also performed in Craftsman Truck Series until 2004. Although she spent a very short career in the stock racing industry, but managed to grab worthy contracts from the teams, raising her net worth to $1.6 million from all sources.

10 – Shawna Robinson: $1.5 Million

Having started playing in NASCAR Busch Series in 1991, Shawna Robinson has shown amazing performances until her retirement in 2005. With the net worth of $1.5 million, she is present at number 10 in the list. Shawna also appeared in Winston Cup Series and Craftsman Truck Series. Besides NASCAR, she is also counted among the three female racers who also competed in Daytona 500 as well.

Top 10 Richest Women Drivers In NASCAR

#No.DriversNet Worth
1Danica Patrick$80 Million
2Kim Crosby$9 Million
3Johanna Long$9 Million
4Patty Moise$7 Million
5Tammy Jo Kirk$5 Million
6Angela Cope$3.5 Million
7Jennifer Jo Cobb$3 Million
8Erin Crocker$2 Million
9Tina Gordon$1.6 Million
10Shawna Robinson$1.5 Million

All these are the details about the top 10 richest women drivers in NASCAR based on their net worth. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!