Richest Women Who Own Sports Teams | Ann Walton Kroenke Wealthiest Owner of NBA Team (Denver Nuggets)

Richest Women Who Own Sports Teams

In the men dominated society, there are some businesswomen also who earn in billion. However, only few of them are interested in sports and are making their way to dominate this entire world of sports. Here we will show you the run down of most popular richest women who own sports teams. All the numbers and figures based on the data provided by the authentic and official sources with complete information.

Richest Women Who Own Sports Teams

1 – Ann Walton Kroenke: $8.2 Billion : Team (Denver Nuggets) & Colorado Avalanche :

Ann Walton Kroenke has earned much throughout her career and the biggest factor is that she is the daughter of James Walton who’s known as being the co-founder of Walmart. The total net worth of Ann Walton reveolves around the stunning mark of $8.2 Billion. Her one of the biggest investment in sports world is Denver Nuggets, professional basketball team which competes in NBA.

2 – Denise York: $5.1 Billion : Team (San Francisco 49ers) :

The daughter of construction magnate Edward J. DeBartolo Sr. is present in the list with the net worth of $5.1 Billion. Denise York is American businesswomen and is the current owner of San Francisco 49ers, the professional team competing in NFL. She has worked magnificently well and has great interest in sports. Thus, making investments to get the taste as well as money.

3 – Janice McNair: $4.2 Billion

Janice McNair is at 3rd spot with the net worth of $4.2 Billion and widely known for her interest in sports. Taking into account her passion, she invested greatly in sports and made her way to be one of the richest women who owns sports team. She is currently owning Houston Texans. After the death of her husband, she gave a completely new direction to business and expand it at vast scale.

4 – Gail Miller: $4 Billion

With the net worth of $4 Billion, Gail Miller is present in the list at 4 spot. She is having the ownership rights of National Basketball Association franchise Utah Jazz. After the death od her husband Larry H. Miller, she took the responsibility and is now among the richest women who own sports teams.

5 – Martha Firestone Ford: $2.3 Billion

Martha Firestone Ford is a complete example of beauty with the brilliance as she is managing the business quite amazingly and generating huge revenue. She is having the net worth of $2.3 Billion and is having great spirit and passion for sports. Thus, she purchased the National Football League team Detroit Lions, looking to generate more revenue.

6 – Virginia Halas McCaskey: $2 Billion

The next businesswomen on our list also belongs to America and is no other than Virginia Halas McCaskey. She is working as chief executive of Chicago Bears, top tier American Football club from NFL. Having the net worth of $2 Billion, McCaskey is looking forward to grab more from her current investments and also for more in the near future.

7 – Amy Adams Strunk: $1.6 Billion

The daughter of Bud Adams is next on our list as she is currently the partial owner of KSA Industries who is holding most of the Bud’s companies. Amy has great interest in sports and utilized it by making investment in American Football team Tennessee Titans. She is best famous for her working style and efforts with the total net worth of $1.6 Billion.

All these are the details about the richest women who own sports teams as they are also the part of wealthiest NBA team owners. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!