Rugby Leagues With Highest TV Viewership Revenue | How Much They Generate Money Each Year?

Rugby Leagues Viewership Revenue

Rugby is not very much popular in the early days when soccer, baseball, basketball and National Football League has dominated the world. However, countries like England, France and Ireland took the initiative and people from all across the globe started recognizing this prestigious sport. There are some top class rugby competitions held around the world and viewed by a large number of people, bringing handsome figures to the organizers. Here are the complete details about the most popular Rugby leagues with highest TV viewership revenue.

7 – United Rugby Championship: $39 Million

United Rugby Championship is the professional rugby union competition held annually between the national teams of Ireland, Italy, Scotland, South Africa, and Wales. Thus the Rugby fans not only from these countries but also from all across the globe love to see their favorite teams working hard to win the trophy. RTE is holding thee streaming rights for the tournament and it generates $39 Million from the TV viewership revenue.

6 – All Ireland League: $44 Million

Widely known as Energia All Ireland League due to sponsorship reasons is also present in the list as its is also gaining enough attraction of the fans. 50 teams take part in the competition and are divided in 5 groups. Thus, the tournament is one of the biggest and long running and generating enough revenue from the TV viewership. On average, 1 million fans watched the tournament live which bring $44 Million to the bank.

5 – Currie Cup: $49 Million

Currie Cup is the highest level competition of South Africa domestic rugby system. Players from ground level take part in the league and showcase their talent. Thus, world is likely to watch the young talent and it is proved from the fact that 1.14 Million people watched the last season of the league. The TV deal with SuperSports has generated the revenue of $49 Million from streaming the matches live.

4 – Super Rugby: $98.5 Million

Super Rugby is the International Rugby union competition featuring teams from Australia, Fiji, New Zealand and Pacific Islands. The revenue from the TV viewership of league is $98.5 Million in a single season. Foxtel is holding the TV broadcasting rights and stream the matches in Australia, New Zealand and also globally through the live streaming platforms. The deal is having the worth of $73 million per year.

3 – Top 14: $114.5 Million

French Top 14 is another rugby union competition organized by France and features top class players and competition. After a long struggle, Top 14 got the fame among the rugby fans in the recent year and now it is generating enough money for its sustaining. France Television is holding the TV broadcasting rights for streaming the league as per the contract of $101 million per year. Top 14 is the most watched rugby league with 34 million viewers and has generated whopping revenue of $114.5 Million.

2 – Premiership Rugby: $131 Million

Often known as Gallagher Premiership Rugby due to sponsorship reason, it is the top tier rugby competition of the English professional rugby union system. Started in 1987, many world famous players have participated in it. Premiership Rugby features 11 teams which compete for becoming the champion. The matches are live broadcasted on BT Sports which is holding the TV coverage rights. The 74 matches generate $131 Million from the TV viewership which is 2nd highest in rugby leagues.

1 – National Rugby League: $233 Million

National Rugby is present at number 1 in the list as it holds the expensive broadcast deal with Nine Network which is free to air channel in Australia. Thus, fans can have easy access to the matches. NRL has amazing fan following as 17 teams compete in the high profile competition for the trophy. Clubs from both countries Australia and New Zealand take part in the league and generate $233 Million revenue from the TV viewership. On average, 28.6 Million watches the National Rugby League live on TV channels.

Top 7 Most Popular Rugby League With Highest TV Viewership Revenue

#No.LeaguesCountryViewershipTV Revenue
1National Rugby LeagueAustralia & New Zealand28.6 million$233 million
2Premiership RugbyEngland14.5 Million$131 Million
3Top 14France34 Million$114.5 Million
4Super RugbyAustralia, Fiji, New Zealand, Pacific Islands13.3 Million$98.5 Million
5Currie CupSouth Africa1.14 Million$49 Million
6All Ireland LeagueIreland1 Million$44 Million
7United Rugby ChampionshipUnited Kingdom13.3 million$39 million

All these are the details about the most popular rugby leagues with highest TV viewership revenue. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!