Serie A Referees Salaries

Serie A is very renowned and one of the best European leagues. Recently Serie A Governing body released a new model to fix the issue of Serie A Referees salaries.

Based on the model, referees’ salaries are differentiated into three tiers. Match Referee will be awarded €3500 to officiate a single match. Assistant Referees and VAR officials will get €1000 each to offer their specific duty.

Take a look at the complete model of Serie A referees salaries:

Category Per Match Fees Base Salary (Yearly)
Match Referees€3500 €160,000
Assistant Referees€1000 €50,000
Video Assistant Referees€1000 €50,000

According to tiers, Match Referees will earn a base salary of €160,000. VAR and Assistant Referees will be making €50,000 each as base salary.

Serie A Referees

Serie A revealed its referee’s pannel to officiate the 2021-2022 season. Maurizio Mariani along with Davide Massa and Daniele Doveri will officiate the most number of matches.

Take a look at the complete list of Serie A Referees that will perfrom their duties for 2021-2022 season:

Referees Base Salary Per Match Fee
Maurizio Mariani €160,000 €3500
Davide Massa €160,000 €3500
Daniele Doveri €160,000 €3500
Federico La Penna €160,000 €3500
Rosario Abisso €160,000 €3500
Piero Giacomelli €160,000 €3500
Daniele Chiffi €160,000 €3500
Massimiliano Irrati €160,000 €3500
Gianpaolo Calvarese €160,000 €3500
Fabio Maresca €160,000 €3500
Marco Guida €160,000 €3500
Gianluca Rocchi €160,000 €3500
Luca Pairetto €160,000 €3500
Fabrizio Pasqua €160,000 €3500
Daniele Orsato €160,000 €3500
Marco Di Bello €160,000 €3500
Michael Fabbri €160,000 €3500
Paolo Valeri €160,000 €3500
Gianluca Manganiello €160,000 €3500
Juan Luca Sacchi €160,000 €3500
Marco Piccinini €160,000 €3500
Francesco Fourneau €160,000 €3500
Giovanni Baccini €50,000 €1000
Giorgio Schenone €50,000 €1000
Marco Bresmes €50,000 €1000
Filippo Valeriani €50,000 €1000
Stefano Alassio €50,000 €1000
Dario Cecconi €50,000 €1000

In Serie A, the base salary for a Match Referee is €160,000. It is comparatively low as compared to La Liga referees Salaries. But it is way more than what the Premier League is offering to their match officials.

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