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Six Nations Players Salaries


How Much Players Earn At Six Nations Championship | How Much Do They Get Paid From Prize Money

Six Nations Players Salaries

The International Rugby Union tournament featuring six teams held annually. Starting from 1883 as a home nation championship including 4 teams England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Then it converted to Five Nations in 1910 and now it is famous for the name Six nations Championship. This event include France and Italy besides the 4 other teams described earlier. What are the salaries of players at Six Nations Championship? Research revealed the data and showed that the English players pockets the highest amount.

How Players Are Get Paid?

Per Match Earnings | Players in the teams of Six Nations Championship earn per match fees for participating in each match of the tournament. These earnings depends upon the teams’ funds and revenue collected through sponsorships and Broadcasting deals. English players earn highest amounts due to better contracts and performances while the Scottish players are paid lowest.

Image Rights | Image rights are another way in which the players get paid. The more famous the player is, higher will be the image rights. English players outclassed all the other players having highest image rights earnings of $5,000 because England is the most successful team of the Six Nations Championship while French players are at the 2nd place.

Bonuses | These bonuses are offered to the players for winning the match against their arch rivals. England pays the highest amount of $30,000 to each of its players when they beat Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. France is at 2nd position in providing such winning bonuses. Same bonuses of different worth offered by the other teams.

Six Nations Championship Players Salaries

TeamsPer Match FeesImage RightsWinning Bonuses
Six Nations Players Salaries

How Teams Earn At Six Nations?

Sponsorships | The players and teams at Six Nations Championship sponsored by different brands is a big source of revenue. The greater the sponsorship deal is, more will be the players share and ultimately, their earnings are higher. Guinness is the title sponsor while IBM, BMW and the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) sponsors different teams. England gets the most of the sponsorship revenue. Hence, its players salaries are high.

TV Broadcasting Deals | The 2nd major source of the revenue is TV broadcasting deals. ITV and BBC Sports have the rights to telecast the event in England and Wales and with a deal of worth £50 million per year. The teams distribute the shares among the players that makes an increment in their earnings.

Tickets Share Revenue | Six Nations Championship is one of the most thrilling and famous event and people love watching it not only on the TV but also in the grounds. Hence the more is the ticket sales, the more is the revenue which leads to the teams and players share.

This is all about the teams and players earnings at Six Nations Championship. If there will be any change in the salaries and contract, we will update them on the site.

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