Snooker Referees Salaries | How Much Male & female Officials Earn Per Match

Snooker Referees Salaries

The cue sport Snooker first played by British Army officers and since then, it has dominated the world of board games. There are many organizations which are working for it and organizing the event. Besides the players, the referees also get a huge amount based on their experience level. Here are some details about Snooker Referees Salaries 2022 as the schedule for upcoming year announced.

Snooker Referees Salaries 2022

Based on experience level and the number of matches played, salaries of referees are different.

CategoryBase SalaryFees/MatchFees/SeasonSponsorships
Entry Level€4.5k£70N/AN/A
Women Referees€155k€180€18k€10k

Professional referees earn more than €220k as their base salary and they are, no doubt, highest paid referees among the all categories. They include both men and women.

While for beginners, base salary is about €4.5k and is without sponsorship bonuses. They will get the contract once they gain experience of 2 to 3 years.

Women referees also get a good amounts as their base salary and according to the latest updates, they will earn about €18k per event with a yearly salary of €155k.

These payouts are for the group stage matches of an event. When an official is selected for finals or semi-finals, ultimately there will be an immense increment in his or her salary payout.

Highest Paid Referees 2022

RefereesBase SalaryFees/MatchFees/SeasonSponsorships
Jan Scheers€220k€220€22k€10k
Ingo Schmidt€220k€220€22k€10k
Joery Ector€220k€220€22k€10k
Christian Fock€220k€220€22k€10k
Alex Crisan€220k€220€22k€10k
Proletina Velichkova€155k€180€18k€10k
Desislava Bozhilova€155k€180€18k€10k
Luise Kraatz€155k€180€18k€10k
Tatiana Woollaston€155k€180€18k€10k
Hilde Moens€155k€180€18k€10k
Snooker Referees Salaries

Jan Scheers is one of the highest paid referee. He has officiated the 2010 Brugges Open final. The biggest highlight of his career is his officiation at 2012 German Masters. He selected to referee at the IBSF World Championships in 2008. Since then, he acts as a referee in all important contests as well as in the finals.

Snooker Referees Salaries

Desislava Bozhilova is currently the most famous and among the highest paid female referees. Since her officiation, she officiated ranking events final and also served as a referee at the World Snooker Championship. The 29 years old referee will also officiate the 2022’s competitions.

The Snooker Cazoo Masters Triple Crown 2022 edition is starting from January 9, 2022. We will update the data and earnings after each match and event.

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