Spanish La Liga Wage Bills Of All 20 Clubs (Confirmed)

Spanish FA has brought in salary caps in both Spanish top tier and second tier leagues starting from 2020/21 season. However every club has their own custom salary cap which is defined by Spanish FA according to the recourses a club can produce. For example Real Madrid and Barcelona generate more money compared to any other team in the league so their salary cap is higher.

We take a look at Spanish La Liga clubs, their official salary cap, average salary and their actual wage bill going into the 2020/21 season.

Salary Cap Introduction In Spanish Football:

In 2013, Spanish FA introduced a system where wage bill of every club in spanish top tier and second tier to be capped. At the start of every season, official salary cap for each team are announced according to how much resources the club produced a season before.

FC Barcelona’s had their salary cap reduced from €641 million to just €383 million due to the club in financial crisis since pandemic in 2020/21 season. However at the start of 2021/22 season Barcelona’s wage cap was slashed again to just €97.94 million euros which was the reason they let go several players in summer 2021 with talisman Messi leaving alongside the likes of Griezmann and Suarez a year before. Barcelona still cant make expensive signings at the moment

Real Madrid are also hit with salary cap reduction and they can spend €468 million in player wages in 2020/21 season. Elche on the other hand have their wage bill capped at just €34 million.

FC Barcelona€680m€97.94m€12.2Ter Stegen (€9m)
Real Madrid€435m€468.5m€11.5Eden Hazard (€16m)
Atletico Madrid€190m€252.7m€7.04Antoine Griezmann (€15m)
Sevilla€133m€185.8m€3.12Lucas Ocampos (€6m)
Villarreal€112m€145.2m€2.5Dani Parejo (€4.6m)
Athletic Bilbao€92m€119.8m€2.1Iñigo Martínez (€4m)
Valencia€81m€103.3m€1.73Geoffrey Kondogbia (€5.5 million)
Real Sociedad€68m€100.8m€1.61David Silva (€3.8m)
Real Betis€45m€71.8m€1.5Nabil Fakir (€2.8m)
RC Celta Vigo€42m€62.5m€1.6Denis Suarez (€2.4m)
Granada€36m€56.6m€1.3Jesús Vallejo (€1.8m)
Getafe€33m€52.5m€1.25Juan Hernández (€1.14m)
Real Valladolid€29m€49.3€1.2Roque Mesa (€2.1m)
Osasuna€28m€46.5€1.18Jony (€1.5m)
Eibar€24m€42.7m€1.15Yoshinori Mutô (€1.8m)
Deportivo Alaves€20m€42m€1.1Florian Lejeune (€2m)
Cadiz€17m€41m€1.2Iván Alejo (€1m)
Levante€15m€37.6m€1José Campaña (€1.5m)
Huesca€15m€37m€1Sandro (€1.2)
Elche€13m€34.6m€850,000Guido Carrillo (€1.2)

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