UEFA Champions League Referees Salaries 2022

Based on experience, Champions League referees salaries are divided into different tiers. The more senior is the official, the more he got paid. UEFA divided the Champions leagues, referees, into 5 different tiers:

  1. Elite
  2. Elite Developemnt
  3. First
  4. second
  5. Third

Elite Tier is based on that professional referee who has 5 to 7 years of experience in football league careers.

Elite Tiers referees are selected for the big matches like the round of 16, knockout rounds, semifinals, and finals.

Take a look at the how much UEFA Champions League Referees Salaries are based on their category:

Category Match Referee Assistant Referee Fourth Umpire
Elite $10,000 $3,000$1,000
Elite Development$6,500$2,000$800

Senior referees are paid over $10,000 per game if they are in the Elite category. However, Elite Development category referees get $6,500.

Meanwhile, The First, Second, and Third-tier referees get $3000, $2000, and $1000 per game.

Assitant Refrees

All referees have additional two assistant referees who will help the match official. Assistants referees called for fouls, offside rules, and corner kicks.

Meanwhile, Senior Referee monitors the game on the pitch. In Elite Level, Assitant referees make $3000 per match. However, in tier third, they are only making $350 dollars per match.

Champions league Refrees salaries 2022-2023

UEFA updated its Champions league referees pannels. Referees who are finalized to official the game will earn up to $10000. However, referees per match fee will totally based on their categories.

Have a look at this year champions league referees panel:

RefereesCategoryMatch FeeExpected Earning in 2022
Damir SkominaElite Panel$10,000$1,40,000
Cuneyt CakırElite Panel$10,000$1,20,000
Bjorn KuipersElite Panel$10,000$1,20,000
Danny MakkelieElite Panel$8,000$96,000
Antonio Mateu LahozElite Panel$8,000$96,000
Dr. Felix BrychElite Panel$10,000$1,20,000
Daniele OrsatoElite Panel$8,000$96,000
Gianluca RocchiElite Panel$8,000$96,000
Clement TurpinElite Panel$10,000$1,20,000
William CollumElite Panel$8,000$96,000
Carlos Del Cerro GrandeElite Panel$8,000$96,000
Benoit BastienElite Development Panel$6,500$60,000
John BeatonFirst$3,000$27,000
Anatoliy AbdulaSecond$2,000$18,000
Aliyar AghayevSecond$2,000 $18,000
Marius AvramSecond$2,000 $18,000
Mohammed Al-HakimThird$1,000$8,000
Sascha ImhofThird$1,000

However, premier league referees got paid way better than champions league referee as the Champions league is a cup competition.

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