UEFA Europa League Prize Money 2022 (Announced) | Revenue Distribution Based on TV Market Pool Adjusted (€139.5m) Top Clubs

The 51st edition announced, it will be held with limited audience or behind close doors. Covid-19, the real problem for the UEFA organizers as the concern cases increased day by day in countries where the matches has to be played. The schedule of the event reported 15 September 2021 and final played on 18 May 2022. Covid-19 big impact on the UEFA Europa League prize money can be seen in 2021-22. Last year, €560 million distributed among the club. Now it’s reported that clubs will received share of (€460 million) adjusted overall fund of Europa League.

UEFA Europa League Prize Money 2021-22 Season (Confirmed):

StandingsPrize Money (Pot)
Champions€8.6 million
Runner-ups€4.6 million
Semi Finalists€2.8 million (each team)
Quarter Finalists€1.8 million (each team)
Round of 16€1.2 million (each team)
Round of 32€500,000 (each team)
Knockout round play-offs€500,000
2nd in group stage€550,000
1st in group stage€1.1 million
Match drawn in group stage€210,000
Match won in group stage€630,000
Qualified to group stage €3.63 million (guaranteed) All 32 teams
Total Prize Money€465 million

Each of the 32 club who qualified will receive €3.63m which is overall budget adjusted for the guaranteed payments (€116 million). The confirmed payment reported €139.5m, which is provided to club on their performance’s, the winning team will receive (€630,000), match ended as draw (€210,000) will earn the amount.

The winning team and 1st place holder in the group will receive share of prize money (€1.1 million) and runner-ups 2nd place team in the group earn share of (€550,000).

These numbers are confirmed by UEFA and we explain how the Europa League revenue distribution works.

UEFA use a four pillar revenue distribution system: to compensate clubs participating in 2021-22 Europa League season. €465 million million will be divided into four pots of payments and this is how money will be distributed among Europa League teams.

Funds CategoryShareDistribution
Guaranteed Payments25%€116.25m
Performance Related30% €139.5m
Coefficient rankings based payments15% €69.75m
Market Pool based30% €139.5m
Overall Fund Adjusted100% €465m

TV Market Pool Money for Europa League Clubs (€139.5 million) :

Apart from the guaranteed and performance related payments, clubs in UEFA Europa League also share Market pool money of around €168 million in 2020-21. But things have been changed since corona-virus, the pool market money decrease to the numbers (€139.5 million). Which is based on the proportional value of each country TV market from which the club comes from. So for example Tottenham play FC Porto in the Europa League final or Leicester City made to the finals alongside any other club. Tottenham and Leicester City will get bigger chunk of the market pool money compared to FC Porto.

TV Pool SharesSharesPayouts Clubs
Group Stage40%€27.90m
Knockout Round Playoff’s15%€10.46m
Round of 16 20%€13.95m

Clubs from top 5 European leagues can make around €20 million in market pool money if they go on a good run in the competition. So if Tottenham were to win the 2021-22 UEFA Europa League they can clear around €24 million from guaranteed and performance related payments plus another €20 to €22 million from Market pool money taking there total earnings from 2021-22 UEFA Europa League to around €45 million.

The complete details for the UEFA Europa League prize money 2021-22 announced by the officials but if any changes made further to clubs advancements in payments such tv pool market money details provided here later. According to official sources €2.732b adjusted budget for conference league, champions league and europa league teams.

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