UFC Fighters Insurance | How Much UFC Pay To The Injured Fighters?

Mixed Martial Artist is now become one of the top entertaining sport with some incredible competitions all around. Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) have played a significant role for making this sport recognized all across the globe. The fighters receive per event earnings as well as contracts with the promotion. However, there is very little known about the fighters insurance. Here are the complete details about the insurance deals available to UFC fighters.

ufc fighters insurance

UFC Fighters Insurance

Fact about the fighters payouts is that there is no exact figure how much they earn in the match. There is a gap between the announced and real payouts as UFC keeps the data confidential. Sometimes, the fighters pocket more money in terms of backdoor, PPV share and sponsorships. While some have to face cuts in the final payouts for various reasons.

Nonetheless, fighting is not an easy task as you may get the deadly injuries. The beginners pocket $12,000 as the guaranteed base salary from UFC. There is a sponsorship bonus of $4,000 as per Venum deal for the rookies. However, there are no insurance available for the UFC fighters, no matter how much experienced they are.

Why UFC Does Not Provide Insurance To The Fighters?

Although it looks odd that such a big promotion is not providing insurance deals to the fighters. However, the fact is UFC fighters are independent contractors and receive event payouts as well as PPV share revenues for the big matches. No company provides the insurance to the independent contracted players as they have the rights to leave the promotion at any time.

Thus, no safety packages are available for the fighters. However, UFC often pays the medical bills of the injured fighters. If a player got injury during a practice or while fighting in the ring, UFC pays the hospital dues.

That’s all about the details of insurance deals provided by UFC to its fighters. Further will be available here. Stay tuned for more information!