UFC Ring Announcers Salaries | Bruce Buffer Holds The Most Expensive Contract

UFC Ring Announcers Salaries

In UFC we all talk about the fighters and big MMA names while there are other persons who are also of great importance. Announcers are the person who call fighters in the ring according to their lineup. How much these professionals earn. The UFC ring announcers salaries revealed for 2022 season along with the highest paid announcers as they are also going to be a part of next season.

UFC Ring Announcers Salaries 2022

UFC ring announcers are paid on the basis of their professional skills and expertise. If they have experience of more than 4 or 5 years, definitely there payouts will be higher and they will earn contracts of greater worth. While the beginners don’t have much fame or expertise. That’s why, they get less money and low worth contracts. Here we will discuss about the earnings details of announcers of both categories.

Professional Announcers

People having experience of 3 to 5 years get the expensive contracts as they have participated in a number of games. UFC offer them bigger contracts and chances to enter the main PPVs like Fight Nights and Vegas event. They receive the earnings through various ways.

  • Contract Salary | These announcers receive the contracts of greater worth as told earlier. Usually they earn the salaries in between $5,000 to $20,000 per normal UFC fights.
  • PPV Fights Earnings | PPV fights offer huge earnings to the professional announcers as they also receive the share of PPV sales and gateway income. In big PPV matches, these announcers can make up to $50,000 to $200,000.
  • Sponsorships | There are also sponsorship deals for professional announcers that can make an increment in their earnings.


These are the persons who are going to make their debut in UFC as ring announcers. They don’t earn the contract until they have experience of some fights. If the performance is good, UFC offer the contracts to them. However, they can generate income through these ways.

  • Per Fight Earnings | Beginners don’t receive contracts and ultimately there is no chance that they can take part in a big event. They can generate more or less $2,000 per fight in UFC.
  • Side Bonuses | They get free parking tickets, free accommodation, and travel packages when they are on the tour for taking part in a fight event.
CategoriesFee/MatchFee/Main PPV EventYearly Income

Highest Paid UFC Ring Announcers 2022

UFC Ring Announcers Salaries

Bruce Buffer

Fee/Match: $5,000
Fee/Main PPV Event: $100,000
Yearly income: $1 Million
Status: Active

Started his career as a kick-boxer, Bruce is a great name of UFC regarded as the best ring announcer. He made his fortune and currently is the highest paid announcer with an annual income of $1 Million including earnings from PPV events and sponsorships.

UFC Ring Announcers Salaries

Michael Buffer

Fee/Match: $5,000
Fee/Main PPV Event: $75,000
Yearly income: $550,000
Status: Active

Known for his famous phrase Ready to Rumble, Michael is also one of the biggest name of UFC and is the half-brother of Bruce Buffer. He is also earning great income through PPV fights and sponsorship bonuses.

AnnouncersFee/MatchFee/Main PPV EventYearly Income
Bruce Buffer$5,000$100,000$1 Million
Michael Buffer$5,000$75,000$550,000
Joe A. Martinez$5,000$50,000$300,000

All these are the details of payouts UFC is offering to their ring announcers. 2022 UFC PPV schedule announced. If there are any changes in the current contract occur or a new announcer earn the contract, we will update the details on the site.

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