UFC Ring Girls OnlyFans Accounts | How Much They Earn From Subscriptions?

UFC Ring Girls OnlyFans Accounts

There are some great fighters who put their life’s in danger and earn the fans respect and fame. But beside them in the ring there are girls who make more money than a average UFC fighter make. Since, a new platform OnlyFans introduced and many celebrities, athletes, and person related to entertainment industry turn towards it, there are some ring girls from UFC who become part of it. UFC ring girls OnlyFans accounts, revealed and how much money they already from the accounts.

Celeste, Brittney Palmer and Brookliyn Wren three joined the platform and currently making money from social media influencer accounts, through promotions. Arianny Celeste already made headlines after earning $1.5m in a year and she got criticize by some of the UFC female fighters such as “Ronda Rousey”.

Arianny Celeste : OnlyFans – Subscribers : 13.6k :

Arianny Celeste : OnlyFans

Gorgeous, Arianny Celeste got 13.6k fans on OnlyFans platform. It won’t stop here, after each pay-per-view appearance in UFC, her fan following on the OF increasing. You can find 47 videos and 624 photos on her account. Earnings of Arianny Celeste is hidden, but one thing which is different her account is free to subscribe which means you can access some of her limited video’s and photos for free. She is making somewhere $350k from the OnlyFans account. All based on her subscription paid.

Brittney Palmer : OnlyFans – Subscribers : 10.6k :

Brittney Palmer OnlyFans Account

After, Arianny Celsete, it’s Brittney Palmer who earned huge fame as ring girl. She earn $50k salary annually which include only pay-per-view and weekly events in UFC calendar. Palmer currently have 10.6k followers on OnlyFans which is enough to earn $500k a year from the subscription based platform. The income details not released, but model’s who got 10.6k to 15k earn $350k a month from the platform and Palmer already got strong influence through social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and now she is leading money maker from OnlyFans.

Brookliyn Wren : OF – Subscribers : 14.5k :

Brookliyn Wren is very close to get 15k followers. She currently upload 37 photos. But How much does brookliynwren earn on OnlyFans? not confirmed yet but she is making $250k to $300k per month from the subscription for her exclusive content on the platform. Beside this she is earning $50k salary as UFC octagon ring girl.

Camila Oliveira : OF – Subscribers : 1.4k:

The most search UFC octagon girl on Internet is Camila Oliveira, she currently earning $500k a year which include sponsorship money and influencer social media platform. Currently she did not have much subscribers at OnlyFans compare to Brittany Palmer or Arianny Celeste but two or three big appearances in the upcoming UFC 282, 283 or other major pay-per-views of Ultimate Fighting Championship will increase his subscribers ratio.

Ring GirlsOnlyFansSubscribersEarnings
Arianny Celeste@ariannyceleste13,500$350,000
Brittney Palmer@brittneypalmer10,600$230,000
Brookliyn Wren@brookliynwren14,600$350,000
Camila Oliveira@camilaoliveira1,400$50,000

The figures of Camila Oliveira are estimated she might earn less than $50k but as per study and data reported about OnlyFans models, earnings. Those who got less than 5k subscribers earn maximum $12k to $20k but the numbers for Oliveira based on her popularity she is well known for her ring girl job. The list of UFC ring girls onlyfans accounts updated later include more if others join it too.

How many UFC Female Fighters joined OnlyFans?

The list increased each day, since Paige VanZant earning big money. More than ten MMA women’s hold OnlyFans accounts.