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UFC Ring Girls Salaries


UFC Octagon Girls Salaries (Contract Details) Camila Oliveira & Arianny Celeste Highest Paid for Ring Appearance $50k Main-Card Events

UFC Ring Girls Salaries

The ring girls may not get much time on the screen during the press conference’s, weigh-ins, and round to round fights. But they make big money from these appearances, recently many sources claimed a ring girl maximum earn $5k an event. UFC Octagon well known as (UFC ring girls) earn more compare to other mma divas. UFC ring girls salaries reported here.

Octagon Girls How Much They Earn In 2022?

How Much UFC Ring Girls Earn in 2022

Ring girls who will still hold contract with UFC earn more than $300k based on their appearances in the main event and fight nights. A ring who got selected for UFC pay-per-view card (UFC 270, UFC 269) will make maximum $30k which include apparel bonus.

Arianny Celeste UFC Earnings

Arianny Celeste

PPV Fight Cards Fees: $50,000 (Guaranteed)
UFC Earnings : $500,000 (UFC Contract)
Sponsorship & Endorsements : $1 million
Contract : 2022

Camila Oliveira UFC Earnings

Camila Oliveira

PPV Fight Card Fees : $50,000 (guaranteed)
UFC Earnings : $500,000
Sponsorship & Endorsements : $500,000
Contract : 2022

Brittney Palmer UFC Earnings

Brittney Palmer

PPV Fight Card Fees : $30,000
UFC Earnings : $350,000
Sponsorship & Endorsements : $500,000
Contract :

Carly Baker UFC Earnings

Carly Baker

PPV Fight Card Fees : $30,000
UFC Earnings : $300,000
Sponsorship & Endorsements : $250,000
Contract : 2022

Rachelle Leah UFC earnings

Rachelle Leah

PPV Fight Card Fees : $30,000
UFC Earnings : $350,000
Sponsorship & Endorsements : $200,000
Contract : 2022

Vanessa Hanson UFC Earnings

Vanessa Hanson

PPV Fight Card Fees : $20,000
UFC Earnings : $350,000
Sponsorship & Endorsements : $200,000
Contract : 2022

How UFC Octagon Girls Making More Money Than Some UFC Fighters?

CategoryUFC PayoutsSocial Media EarningsContract
Ring Girl $700,000 (including sponsorships)$500,0002022
Professional Fighter$300,000 (average)$20k – $50k2022

The Glamour play huge role in the octagon girls earnings, they get huge attention of the audience during the fight, the more they come on screen time they more endorsements deals they get. Some of the ring girls not only get paid from their UFC contracts they make from their social media, they endorse different products there related health care, beauty, and apparels for which they get paid by the endorsement companies.

Sponsorship Payouts for UFC Octagon Girls:

Sponsorship Apparel $20,000 (overall)
Magazine Cover $100,000

They wear different outfits for each pay-per-view, they get paid for that the sponsorship bonus not higher compare to UFC fighters but maximum a ring girl from sponsorship apparels upto $3k per event.

How to become a Ring Girl for UFC Fight Cards?

If you are model and got strong healthy diet, you can be the next ring girl. There is fan expo take place and live voting for girls chosen to be the next octagon the two days time period set for it. The UFC judges and live online voting play key factor and once the voting time ended after two days The winning model will receive a UFC Octagon Girl contract and other sponsorship deals with Maximum, Monster Energy. The last details for the ring girls selection reported in 2009.

UFC Contract for Octagon Girls:

New Entry1 Year
Professional5 Years Deal

The media attention is very important, to retain the contract at Octagon girls, Camila Oliveira become one of the most search ring girl of UFC in 2020 and 2021. The fan following of the Camila Oliveira improved 325k followers on Instagram after becoming the ring girl. Arianny Celeste still hold the most expensive contract as ring girl and have 3 million followers on Instagram.

If any new girl signed deal with UFC for ring girls, salaries and pay-per-view match earnings provided here later.

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