UFC Add Canal+ as international Broadcaster to their list of many TV rights deals Worldwide

Mixed Martial Arts competition UFC has been growing at absolute rapid pace over the last couple of decades. Their latest TV rights deal with french media giants Canal+ show glimpse of potential this sport has around the world. Canal+ become one of many top networks who have signed multiyear deal with UFC to broadcast UFC around different parts of the world and we take a look at some of the biggest TV rights deal UFC has signed and are currently active.

UFC & ESPN US TV Rights deal

ESPN wrestled UFC’s US TV deal from FoxSports back in 2018 when they signed a 5 year deal with UFC to broadcast every UFC Fight Night & UFC PPV event for the US viewers. The 5 year deal is worth $200 million and runs till the end of 2022.

UFC & Canal+ TV Rights Deal

UFC recently signed a massive TV & online rights deal with Canal+ which is a french media company. This deal include over 25 territories where Canal+ will provide live action of every UFC event.  Territories not only include France but also countries in Africa and Asia.

BT Sports & UFC UK TV Rights deal

BT Sports and UFC have a long term deal which was signed back in 2013 and was extended in 2018 and will last till 2022 as the current contact stands. BT Sports has exclusive rights of UFC all events in the UK and they have a choice to broadcast UFC PPV as pay per view or just normal events. BT Sports are paying over $30 million a year for their current contract with UFC.

UFC & Setanta Sports Ukraine:

UFC and Setanta Sports Ukraine also have a long term deal and their current contract runs till 2024. 

Setanta Sports have exclusive rights in ukraine for UFC events. 

How can you watch UFC events if UFC dont have any TV deal in your part of the world ?

UFC’s very own UFCFIGHTPASS server is available worldwide. All the countries/regions where UFC dont have a third party TV/online deal, viewers from those countries can buy monthly subscription of UFC via UFCfightpass.com

Fightpass monthly subscription cost differently in different countries. For example in Poland it cost $24 a month while in India it only cost $10 a month. Monthly subscription include all UFC events even the Payperview events.

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