UFC Contract Deal with Venum | Fighters Sponsorship Bonuses Increased 10%

UFC Venum Deal Fighters

After six long-years the UFC sponsorship deal with Reebok comes to an end, but still there is a short-term sponsorship rights for boots obtain by Reebook alongside Venum the new uniform sponsorship holders of UFC. After signing new deal, there is a slight increase in the UFC fighters sponsorship bonus. If the title hold earn $40k sponsorship bonus he will be making $42k per fight in future. UFC Venum Deal fighters sponsorship bonuses revealed.

UFC Venum Deal & Fighters Sponsorship Bonus

PPV UFC Contract

Venum Payouts





21-35 Fights


16-20 Fights


11-15 Fights


4-10 Fights


1-4 Fights (new contracts)


UFC did not close the doors for their fans during covid-19 pandemic, they carry-on their main pay-per-view events behind close doors, the UFC fan following increase from 10% to 55% with in last two years which include huge TV viewership. Big brands looking forward to hold deal with Ultimate Fight Championship.

The new UFC venum deal, did not bring much hike to the payouts but fighters who hold new contract earn guaranteed $4k and fighters with contract upto or more than 6 fights receive $5k per pay-per-view bonus. Fight night main event fighters will earn $20k guaranteed and $15k to challenger or maximum $10k paid based on contract of fights.

The deal between UFC and Reebok not completely ended yet, they still hold footwear deal with organization until 2021. Other than that, UFC signed long-term deal for Uniform and other stuff with Venum. UFC 269 fighters Venum appearal bonus reported.

Recently, Reebok came under-fire for the bonuses it pay to the athletes. Sean O’Malley said in one of his interview at Food Truck Diaries which is hosted by comedian and ex-mma fighter (Brendan Schaub), that “Reebok make millions from their gear and he only makes thousand”.

“Currently no changes made to the current UFC Venum Deal bonuses fighters sponsorships if any increase the details will be provided here”

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