UFC Women Fighters vs WWE Divas Salaries Comparison | Becky Lynch Holds The Most Expensive Contract In WWE Divas While Julianna Pena In UFC

UFC WWE Women Comparison

Wrestling and MMA are the two top class fighting tournaments that allows the athlete to show their professional skills. MMA events hold by UFC features both male and female fighters and same is the case with WWE wrestlers. Differentiating these two is a bit difficult. However, there is a salary comparison between UFC women fighters and WWE Divas that can make a difference in both of these thrilling and world famous sports.

The main source of generating revenue are the sponsorships deals, media coverage and merchandise sales. There are also PPV sales and tickets sales through which the organizers earn the revenue and in return, there are purses and contract for the wrestlers and MMA fighters.

UFC Women Fighters WWE Divas Salaries Comparison

Contract | The contract of UFC female fighters renewed after every 3 years with increase or decrease in the salary based on the performance delivered in the given in the specific time period. While, there is no such dealings in WWE Divas as the wrestlers leave the field once they offered a film or serial.

Moreover, UFC pay the guaranteed purses to the fighters when they attend the fight and the fighters earn that amount in both cases, either there is a win or loss. However, there WWE Divas pay on the basis of attendance of the wrestlers in the event.

PPV Bonuses | UFC offers PPV bonuses to the female fighters based on the experience and the PPV sales. If there is a big fight, the big fighter earn the most split of PPV. However, there is no such scene in the wrestling. There are only 2 or 3 WWE Divas wrestlers like Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and Alexa Bliss, who earn PPV bonuses on the basis of revenue generated by WWE.

Merchandise Sales & Sponsorships | WWE Divas offer merchandise sales to the wrestlers as they can promote a product. Companies offer promotion of a product to the wrestlers and that is also a source of income for them. On the other side, MMA fighters get sponsorship deals from UFC and also one of the famous Venum bonuses that cause an increment in their earnings.

Medical Care Fee | If a Divas wrestler gets injured during a match, there is a free medical treatment for them because WWE offers medical care to the wrestlers. While, there is no such scene in UFC. MMA fighters only get a small proportion of medical fund for their treatment.

Highest Paid WWE Divas Wrestlers

UFC WWE Women Comparison

Becky Lynch

Age: 34 Years
Nationality: Irish
Status: 2002-Present
Yearly Salary: $1.5 Million

Rebecca Quin who is known for her ring name Becky Lynch is professional WWE wrestler. She is also an actress and is now at the top in the list of highest paid WWE Divas wrestlers. She holds a contract worth of $1.5m with 5% merchandise sales bonus.

UFC WWE Women Comparison

Charlotte Flair

Age: 35 Years
Nationality: American
Status: 2000-Present
Yearly Salary: $1 Million

The American professional wrestler is holding contract with WWE and is current SmackDown Women’s Champion. Her contract is of worth $1m and is at the second place in highest paid women wrestlers with 20% PPV bonus.

Ronda Rousey who was previously a UFC fighter, moved to WWE and earned the most expensive contract of $2.5 million. Now, she is inactive and is not appearing in the field.

Highest Paid UFC Women Fighters

Julianna Pena

Age: 32 Years
Nationality: American
Status: 2009-Present
Yearly Salary: $1 Million

The bantamweight competitor is the highest paid UFC fighter and is the current UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion. She is holding a contract with a per fight wage of $500,000 while the annual salary is of $1 million.

Amanda Nunes

Age: 32 Years
Nationality: Brazilian
Status: 2008-Present
Yearly Salary: $1 Million

Amanda Nunes is at 2nd in the highest paid women UFC fighters as she holds the contract of worth $1 Million. Her contract with UFC earned her a per match fees of $500,000 with 50% PPV share per fight.


FeaturesUFC Women FightersWWE Divas Wrestlers
ContractRenewed after 3 yearsRandom
PPV Bonuses90% fighters earnOnly few wrestlers
Merchandise SalesNot offeredReceived for promotion
SponsorshipsVenum dealsNo specific sponsors
Medical Care Fee15% offered90% offered

This is the comparison of salaries between WWE Divas wrestlers and UFC women fighters. The details revealed that the wrestlers earned more than the fighters. If there are any further details, we will update them on the site.

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