Which Football League Holds Most Expensive Sponsorship Deals?

Football League Sponsorship Deals

European Association football leagues have dominated all other football mega events due to their competition quality and improved money statistics. People from almost all part of the globe have deep interest in soccer and millions of fans are following it. Thus, brands get pretty much attracted to capture such a big market which brings whopping revenue to the organizers. We have compiled the complete data that which football league holds most expensive sponsorship deals. All the figures are based on enhanced research and official details available.

Which Football League Holds Most Expensive Sponsorship Deals?

English Premier League: $102.5 Million

Just like the other aspects, Premier League has surpassed all the other soccer events for its massive sponsorship revenue. The major endorsers of English top tier football competition is generating $102.5 million from the sponsorship contracts per a single season. Brands like EA Sports, Barclays, Budweiser, Castrol, Hublot and Nike are paying huge numbers for becoming the official partner of the league. The biggest chunk of the revenue comes from the sports gadgets manufacturing giant Nike, which is paying estimated $40 million to $45 million.

Spanish La Liga: $90 Million

After the departure of big legends like Ronaldo and Messi, La Liga faced a huge loss in the fan following and ultimately in the sponsorship revenue. Recently, EA Sports has purchased the naming rights and now become the official title sponsors, paying $32.5 million for a single season. On average, La Liga pockets $90 million per season from the endorsements with multiple known brands like Puma, San Miguel, Sorare and Gol-Ball. The league also holds Metaverse sponsorship deal with TVM and pockets $5.1 million annually.

German Bundesliga: $65 Million

After the unrevealed deal with Amazon Web Service as their official insights partner, Bundesliga got an immense boom in the annual income and sponsorship revenue which is now clicking the $65 million mark. Milka, DerbyStar and EA Sports are among the other contributors which are paying incredible figures to the league owners. The licensing rights deal with EA Sports brings whopping $20 million per a single season.

French Ligue 1: $29.65 Million

Although French top tier association soccer competition is far behind in the annual sponsorship revenue as compared to Premier League and La Liga. However, the transfer of Messi and Neymar to PSG has paved a way for the brands to sign ludicrous deals. Uber Eats has recently signed the contract to own the title and naming rights. The deal is for 3 years length period and will bring $19.7 million per season.

Football Leagues With Highest Sponsorship Revenue Per Year

LeaguesCountrySponsorship Earnings/SeasonAnnual Revenue
Premier LeagueEngland$102.5 Million$5.9 Billion
La LigaSpain$90 Million$3.1 Billion
BundesligaGermany$65 Million$3.7 Billion
Ligue 1France$29.65 Million$1.7 Billion

All these are the details that which football league holds most expensive sponsorship deals. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!