2022 Wimbledon Prize Money: 14% increase take total prize money fund to record £39.9 million making it the most lucrative grand slam for players.

After couple of financially turbulent years, Wimbledon is back to where it was before the pandemic. In 2021 prize money took a major hit of 7.5% decrease in overall pool (£35 million). But as authorities confirmed that 2022 tournament will take place at the usual summer dates, they also announced 14% increase in total prize money pool making Wimbledon the highest paying grand slam in tennis with overall purse of £39.9 million.

Wimbledon Prize Money

Wimbledon 2022 will take place at the usual summer dates and it prize money pool and breakdown as been announced by the AELTC. 14% increase take total prize money to massive £39.9 million ($52.4m).

The men’s and women’s singles winners will get massive £1.85 million compared to 2021 where £1.7m each was awarded to Djokovic and Ashleigh Barty. Singles runners-up will also get £1 million. The biggest incrase came at the early rounds and qualifying.

We breakdown this year’s prize money fund according to events and stage of the tournaments.

StageSingles EventsDoublesMixed DoublesWheelchair
Winner£1.85 million£500,000£100,000£50,000
Runners-up£1 million£250,000£50,000£25,000
4th Round£200,000N/AN/A
3rd Round£115,000£45,000£6,000
2nd Round£75,000£22,500£3,000
1st Round£50,000£12,000£1500
Qualifying Round 3£28,000
Qualifying Round 2£17,000
Qualifying Round 1£9,000

The winner of the men’s and women’s singles will be awarded the prize money of £1.85 million.

The prize money for men’s and women’s doubles also increased to £500,000, while the winners of Mixed doubles will receive £100,000 per pair.

Wimbledon Prize Money History of this centuary (2000-Till now)

Over the past 20 years, Wimbledon Authorities had to increase the prize money pool every year to keep themselves as lucrative for players as other grand slams. Event has seen the biggest increase in the year 2013 with a hike of 40.47%.

Till 2020, Wimbledon’s prize money was increasing. However, A reduction of -7.85% in prize money happen for last year’s event, aiming at the corona crisis. We take a look at historic data of Wimbledon Prize Money increase in this century.

Year Total Wimbledon Prize Money % Change
2022£39.9 million14%
2021£35 million-7.85%
2020Not played (£10 million distributed amongst 620 players) 
2019£38 million11.76%
2018£34 million 7.59%
2017£31.6 million 12.46%
2016£28.1 million 5.05%
2015£26.75 million 7.00%
2014£25 million 10.82%
2013£22.560 million 40.47%
2012£16 million 10.00%
2011£14.6 million 6.38%
2010£13.725 million 9.36%
2009£12.550 million 6.25%
2008£11.812 million 4.69%
2007£11.282 million 8.69%
2006£10.380 million 2.93%
2005£10 million 3.90%
2004£9.70 million 3.56%
2003£9.37 million 6.22%
2002£8.82 million 3.52%
2001£8.525 million 5.82%
2000£8.05 million 6.07%

1968 was the first-ever Wimbledon to offer prize money. From 1968 till last summer, Wimbledon is played every year apart from 2020, The tournament was not played in 2020 but still distributed £10 million in prize money amongst the players.

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