UEFA Women’s Champions League Prize Money | Distribution Table (Breakdown)

Women's Champions League Money

UEFA Women’s Cup, which is well known as UEFA women’s champions league. The competition which is first began in 2001, gets huge success. Since 2001-09 the name of the event remain (UEFA Women’s Cup). In 2010, the name of the competition changed UEFA women’s champions league. The UEFA women’s champions league prize money reported for 2022.

  • In the season 2021-22 UEFA will distributed €24 million among the women’s champions league teams.
  • It’s almost 40% increase in the clubs prize money since the competition introduce.
  • The purse rewarded to both competing and non-competing club as solidarity payments.
  • Clubs qualified for the competition get benefit from purse fund.
  • Clubs qualified for group stage get paid (€400,000) share.
  • Winners of the competition including all payments earn upto (€400,000).
  • 23% solidarity payments redistribution, each domestic league, based on highest-performing clubs representing in women’s champions league.
  • Almost €5.6 million adjusted as solidarity payments redistribution which is distributed among high performing clubs.

Winner Share at Women’s Champions League | If we compared ladies earnings from champions league and men’s earnings we can see huge difference in figures. The women’s champions league winner receive share of (€250k). Recently reports about the hike in prize money of the competition revealed. According details €1.4m distributed among the winners including (group victories, base fees and other revenue).

Runner-ups Share In Women’s UCL | Club finished second behind the winners will pocket €700k including all earnings from group matches wins, group stage top team, draws in group.

Group Match Win & Draw Bonus | There is huge increase in the purse for the women’s biggest European club competition. Winning a match against opponent bring €50k to the teams account. A draw against opponent will bring (€17k) to each team.

  • PSG Women’s Team Earn (€300k) from group match wins | All 6 Matches Win
  • FC Barcelona Femmani Earn (€300k) from group match wins | All 6 Matches Win
  • Lyon Women’s Team Earn (€250k) from group match wins | 5 Wins in Group Stage

Group Leaders Bonus | Standing first in the group stage will bring extra (€20k) to the clubs this year in 2021-22 competition.

Quarter Finalist | As per news sources it’s confirmed that each club losing club in the quarter finals earn (€25,000).

StandingsPrize Money
Champions €250k (reported) | including others payouts (€1.4m)
Runner-ups€200,000 including others payouts (€700k)
Semi Finalist€50,000 (only losing teams)
Quarter Finalist€25,000 (losing teams)
Group Stage €400,000
Group Winners€20,000
Group Match Win€50,000
Group Match Draw€17,000

The new financial distribution model for Women’s champions league prize money introduce in season 2021 and it will remain as it is until 2025. This financial distribution model will help ensure long-term sustainability, European women’ football and attract more players towards European clubs.

  • It’s for the first significant increase in the prize money for every club competing in the competition.
  • This first time that “solidarity” payment allocated to the top division clubs, who are qualified for the women’s champions league.