WWE Referees Salaries | Chad Patton | Charles Robinson Holds Expensive Match Officials Contracts

WWE Referees Salaries

Referees are the most important part of any game as their decision finalize the result of the game. For performing this huge responsibility, organizations sign the contract with the most talented people. Same in the way, there salaries defined their class. The professionals earned the most money as they get a lot of experience. Here is a list of the WWE referees salaries 2023.

WWE Referees Salaries 2023

RefereesAnnual SalaryFee/Match

There are various factors over which a referee salary depends like experience level, number of matches officiated, correct decisions etc.

Rookies | The young referees receive low amount as a match fee as compared to the professionals because of less experience and no contract. Once, they get some experience of officiating WWE matches and decide the match unbiasedly, they will get contracts.

Females | Female referees get paid less than men due to the factor of gender pay gap. However, they earn $150,000 as the annual salary including bonuses. The fee per a single match for WWE female referees is $1,000. Once they get experienced, they were included in the professionals category.

Professionals | once the referees get an immense experience by officiating matches for the number of years they will become the highest paid among WWE referees. Recently revealed that they will earn a guaranteed annual salary of $300,000 besides the bonuses with $2,500 as a match fee.

Main Events | Besides the guaranteed annual salary, the professional referees earn commissions for officiating a match in the main event. Their earnings may rise to $15,000 as a match fee in such case.

Top 10 Highest Paid WWE Referees 2023

RefereesAnnual SalaryFee/Match
Chad Patton$500,000$3,000
Charles Robinson$500,000$3,000
Darryl Sharma$500,000$3,000
Chris Sharpe$300,000$2,500
Antrone Brewer$300,000$2,500
Daniel Engler$300,000$2,500
Darrick Moore$300,000$2,500
Thomas Castor$300,000$2,500
Eddie Orengo$300,000$2,500
Thomas Scarborough$300,000$2,500
Jason Ayers$300,000$2,500
Robert Vista$300,000$2,500
Brian Nguyen$300,000$2,500
Richard Rutter$300,000$2,500
Danilo Anfibio$300,000$2,500
John Cone$300,000$2,500
Matthew Bennett$300,000$2,500
Artémis Ortygie$150,000$1,000
Aja Smith$150,000$1,000
Jessika Heiser$150,000$1,000

That’s all about the referees salaries. WWE Divas salaries also revealed. If there is any change in the list, we will update them on the site. Till then, stay tuned!

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