WWE Superstars Who Own Private Jets | How Much It Cost Them for Travelling?

WWE Superstars Own Jets

A number of WWE superstars own private jets as they spend their money to make their travel luxurious besides their homes and cars. Many stars from the past have grabbed handsome numbers through fighting in WWE. Still, some are paid whopping salary for their ludicrous contracts. Here are the complete details about the most popular WWE superstars who own expensive private jets.

WWE Superstars Who Own Private Jets

5 – Triple H: Bombardier Global 5000

The retired professional WWE wrestler Paula Levesque, who is also famous for the ring name of Triple H is present in the list. He has spent a successful career in World Wrestling Entertainment and achieved many titles alongside with the money. He is also performing his duties as Chief Content Officer for WWE and pocketing handsome figures. Triple H has the current net worth of $150 Million, including luxurious house, speedy vehicles and a lavish plane. He owns Bombardier Global 5000 jet and often seen travelling through it.

4 – Vince McMahon: Bombardier Global 5000

The former chief Executive officer of biggest wrestling promotion all across the globe Vince McMahon is also among the WWE superstars who own private jets. He owns Bombardier Global 5000 jet which is one of the best private air bus to travel in and has the purchase cost of $28 Millon. McMahon has spent good time in WWE as wrestler and also worked much as a CEO of the industry. He plays a leading role in taking the WWE to the heights of glory by introducing it to the whole world. McMahon is also very rich and has the colossal net worth of $1.8 Billion.

3 – Brock Lesnar: N247WE

After having a successful career in Mixed Martial Artist where he was the part of UFC, Brock Lesnar has joined the WWE. Currently, he is among the highest paid wrestlers at the promotion. He performs under the RAW and SmackDown brand and pockets the base salary of $10 Million from the contract. Lesnar lives in luxury and is also very much private about his personal life. That’s why, he purchased his private jet to travel which is having thee cost of $29 Million.

2 – John Cena: Ultimate Workhorse

John Cena has led the WWE world for a long long time until he turned to the actor. Still, he is holding a worthy contract deal with WWE and pocket $5 million for limited appearance. Besides the super luxurious life, Cena is also having his own private jet to spend good time while traveling for his film shootings or for wrestling appearance. He is having the Ultimate Workhorse jet and the base price of the jet is $35 Million.

1 – Dwayne Johnson: Gulfstream G650

After ending up his career in World Wrestling Entertainment, Dwayne Johnson has found his fame in film industry especially in Hollywood. He has given a number of popular series to the world and also add huge numbers to his bank. The Rock is pretty much famous for his action sequence and has an immense fan following in all parts of world. He is leading a luxurious life and travel by his own private jet. Rock has Gulfstream G650 jet which is having the base price of $64.5 Million.

Top 5 WWE Superstars Who Own Private Jets

WrestlersNet WorthJetsPrice
Dwayne Johnson$800 MillionGulfstream G650$64.5 Million
John Cena$60 MillionUltimate Workhorse$35 Million
Brock Lesnar$25 MillionN247$29 Million
Vince McMahon$1.8 BillionBombardier Global 5000$28 million
Triple H$150 MillionBombardier Global 5000$28 Million

All these are the details about the top 5 most popular WWE wrestlers who own private jets. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!