WWE Wrestlers Salaries 2022 Contract Details (Confirmed) | Brock Lesnar Hold Expensive Deal worth $8 Million Including PPV Share Revenue Bonus

WWE Wrestlers Salaries

World Wrestling Entertainment, currently one of the biggest platform for the professional wrestlers. The one main reason it attracts bigger name from boxing, ufc and kick-boxing, it’s long-term contract with number of benefits. Covid-19 not only disrupt audience presence at the arenas but also wrestlers salaries. Many big WWE wrestlers leave the franchise join other and some are waiting to get new contracts with WWE. WWE wrestlers salaries reported but many contracts will be in renewal during year 2022.

WrestlerBase SalaryPPV ShareContractBrand
AJ Styles$1.5 million20%2022 WWE RAW
Akira Tozawa$200,000N/A2022 WWE RAW
Angelo Dawkins$75,000 N/A 2024 WWE RAW
Apollo Crews$275,000 N/A 2022 WWE RAW
Austin Theory$150,000 N/A 2022 WWE RAW
Big E$325,000N/A2024 WWE RAW
Bobby Lashley$500,0005%2022 WWE RAW
Cedric Alexander$75,000N/A2022 WWE RAW
Chad Gable$275,000 N/A 2022 WWE RAW
Commander Azeez$200,000 N/A 2023 WWE RAW
Damian Priest$180,000 N/A 2022 WWE RAW
Dolph Ziggler$1 million5%2023 WWE RAW
Dominik Mysterio$200,000 N/A 2022 WWE RAW
Edge$600,0005%2022 WWE RAW
Finn Bálor$325,000 N/A 2022 WWE RAW
Gable Steveson$300,000 N/A 2022 WWE RAW
Kevin Owens$1.2 million5%2025 WWE RAW
The Miz$1.5 million 5% 2022 WWE RAW
Montez Ford$275,000 N/A 2022 WWE RAW
MVP$400,000 N/A 2022 WWE RAW
OMOS$275,000 N/A 2022 WWE RAW
OTIS$200,000 N/A 2022 WWE RAW
Rendy Orton$5 million20%2024 WWE RAW
Reggie$100,000 N/A 2022 WWE RAW
Rey Mysterio$1 million5%2023 WWE RAW
Riddle$180,000 N/A 2022 WWE RAW
Robert Roode$300,000N/A2022 WWE RAW
R-Truth$400,0002%2022 WWE RAW
Seth Rollins$1.2 million5%2024 WWE RAW
Shelton Benjamin$425,0002.5%2022 WWE RAW
T-Bar$300,000 N/A 2022 WWE RAW
Veer Mahaan$100,000N/A2023 WWE RAW

During this pandemic cycle, there some wrestler who still make more than $6 million, one of them is Brock Lesnar. Lesnar contract reported worth $12 million a year but due to covid-19 wrestlers take pay-cuts wont earn that much as they were in 2019. Brock Lesnar contract hold ppv share which means each pay-per-view card he participated like (Wrestler-mania, Royal Rumble, Hell in a Cell) earns 50% from the ppv sales points that increase some wwe wrestlers salaries at the end of the year.

WrestlerSalariesPPV ShareContractBrand
Angel$125,000N/A2022 Smackdown
Brock Lesnar$6 million50%2023 Smackdown
Cesaro$500,0005%2026 Smackdown
Drew Gulak$250,000 N/A 2022 Smackdown
Drew McIntyre$2 million5%2022 Smackdown
Erik$300,000 N/A 2022 Smackdown
Happy Corbin$100,000 N/A 2023 Smackdown
Humberto$200,000 N/A 2022 Smackdown
Ivar$300,000 N/A 2022 Smackdown
Jey Uso$250,000 N/A 2022 Smackdown
Jimmy Uso $250,000 N/A 2022 Smackdown
Jinder Mahal$350,000 N/A 2025 Smackdown
Xavier Woods$275,000 N/A 2023 Smackdown
Kofi Kingston$325,000 N/A 2024 Smackdown
Mace$275,000 N/A 2023 Smackdown
Madcap Moss$300,000 N/A 2022 Smackdown
Mansoor$100,000 N/A 2022 Smackdown
Mustafa Ali$200,000 N/A 2023 Smackdown
Rick Boogs$210,000 N/A 2022 Smackdown
Ricochet$250,000 N/A 2022 Smackdown
Ridge Holland$200,000 N/A 2023 Smackdown
Roman Reigns$4 million50%2023 Smackdown
Sami Zayn$100,000 N/A 2022 Smackdown
Shanky$100,000 N/A 2022 Smackdown
Sheamus$1 million 10%2022 Smackdown

Top wrestlers like John Cena, Undertaker, Golderburg, The Rock, Stone Cold, Shawn Michael, Kane, Big Show not retired from the Wrestling but make part time appearances on different events specially when the Company set the stage in their home counties.

WrestlersBase SalaryPPV Share Contract Status
John Cena$5 Million (reported) 50%Limited Appearances
Undertaker$2.5 million (reported) 20%Selected Appearances
Stone Cold $2 millionN/A Selected Appearances
Christian$500,0005% Limited Appearances
Batista$2.2 million10% Limited Appearances
Shawn Michaels$1 million 20% Selected Appearances
Triple H$3 million (reported) N/A Limited Appearances
Dwayne Johnson$4 million (reported) 50% Selected Appearances
Hulk Hogan$2 million (reported)N/A Selected Appearances
Diesel$500,000 N/A Selected Appearances

Three Kind of Contracts WWE Offer to It’s Personnel’s

WWE professional contracts based on facts, fan following and athletes attributes award to them, some time company approach a professional from different sports such as “Ronda Rousey”, she is mixed martial arts fighter one of the highest paid UFC women’s but her one appearance alongside the Rock show’s how much wrestling fan’s love to see her in the ring alongside Charlotte Flair and Becky Lyench.

Wrestlers from WWE Development Program Contracts

There are brands World Wrestling Entertainment set for themselves, from where top wrestlers join the further big brands Smack Down and Raw. Fresh contract holders won’t earn as much as pro contract holders. They minimum earn $50K and maximum $100k based on contract term for year or half term.

Professional Contract Holders ($500k Salary) Per Year:

Professional contract holders comes from other franchise and join WWE or earn big fame from first 1-2 years after joining WWE as Fresher. They get improved contract if there is huge back support from fans.

Superstar Contract with PPV Share & Merchandize Share

John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, The Miz, and Seth Rollins few other wrestlers hold the contract where they will get extra privileges which include PPV share revenue from 5% to 50% from the gateway income and ppv sales point.

1: Free Air Travel for the Superstars of WWE

2: Medical Expenses

3: Private Plane for travelling

4: Hotel Suite & Food facilities for free

Average salary reported for the WWE wrestlers in 2021 upto $100k only if he was granted contract for the year or long-term. Some wrestlers who part of the company for more than a year they earn $200k average but if make appearance main events such as Royal Rumble, King of the Ring, Summer Slam, earnings increased to $350k based on merchandize sale. If any new wrestler included, details updated WWE Wrestlers salaries list for 2022.

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