Most Popular Father-Son Duos In MotoGP

MotoGP Father-Son Duos

A famous quote is there “Racing Is In My Blood”. And that comes true when we see a hierarchy in racing events. There are many incidents in history when multiple members of a single family showed their master class in several car racing and motorcycle racing industries and MotoGP is no exception. However, the best famous relation in this prestigious sport is of father and son. Here are the complete details about the top 5 best and most popular father-son duos in MotoGP history as they performed magnificently in their careers.

Kenny and Kenny Roberts Jr

Kenny Roberts: The first ever American to win a Grand Prix motorcycle racing event Kenny Roberts has achieved the title 3 times in his career, while playing for Yamaha. The best thing about him is his consistency, no matter it was 250cc or 500cc.

Kenny Roberts Jr: Junior has continued his father’s legacy and started his professional racing career in the year 1993 and won 500cc championship in the year 2000. However, he couldn’t manage to perform as previous in MotoGP.

Les and Stuart Graham

Les Graham: The first ever racer to win a 500cc Grand Prix motorcycle racing event is Les Graham. He competed between 1940’s and 1950’s and also remained the part of World War 2. Leslie has made enormous efforts even after the fight and continued his brilliance in the races.

Stuart Graham: Stuart Graham has won the 50cc TT at the Isle of Man in 1967, alongside with winning the 125cc Finnish Grand Prix in the same year. However, his father couldn’t be able to see him continuing his footstep.

Helmut and Stefan Bradl

Helmut Bradl: Having started his professional racing career in 1986 from 250 cc MotoGP, Helmut Bradl has shown incredible performance for 8 seasons and finished as runner up in 1991 championship.

Stefen Bradl: Stefen Bradl has not only followed his father footsteps but also moved one step ahead of him after winning the Moto2 Championship in 2011 and moved to MotoGP in 2012. He played his last MotoGP season in 2022.

Graziano and Valentino Rossi

Graziano Rossi: Having played 7 seasons in motorcycle racing, Graziano Rossi raced in 2 categories 250cc and 500cc. His best came in 1979 250cc championship, where he finished the tournament at 3rd position.

Valentino Rossi: Labelled as the greatest ever motorcycle racer, Valentino Rossi has won the 9 championship titles throughout his career so far. Among his 6 MotoGP titles, he has won 4 championships in a row.

Nello and Alberto Pagani

Nello Pagani: Nello Pagani is one of those professionals who competed in both MotoGP and Formula One. In his very first season at 125cc Grand Prix in 1949, he won the championship and ended as runner up in the 500cc race the same year.

Alberto Pagani: Alberto has spent a long career in this marquee tournament from 1959 to 1972. However, he couldn’t performed the same way like his father as he failed to win any championship. Alberto’s best came in his last season in 1972, when he ended as runner up during 500cc race.

All these are the details about the top 5 most popular father-son duos in MotoGP. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!