MotoGP Riders With Expensive Sponsorship Deals | How Much These Endorsements Deals Worth Per Year?

MotoGP Riders Expensive Sponsorship

Besides wrestling and soccer, MotoGP is now also listed among the highest paying sports across the globe. Some of the racers including the likes of Valentino Rossi, Casey Stoner and Mick Doohan have pocketed some big numbers throughout their career. Still the top riders are earning huge numbers from ludicrous contracts with teams and sponsorships. Here are the complete details about the MotoGP riders with most expensive sponsorship deals.

MotoGP Riders With Expensive Sponsorship Deals

1 – Marc Marquez: $4 Million

6 times MotoGP champion is present in the list as he is one of the greatest riders of all times history. Having started his professional career in 2013, Marquez has seriously impressed the MotoGP fans with his exceptional skills and has lifted the championship in the very first tournament of his career. That’s why, he is among the highest paid riders and also pocketing handsome figures from edorsements deals. Among his major sponsors are Nilox and DAZN which add $4 million to his account.

2 – Maverick Vinales: $2 Million

The Spanish professional MotoGP racer is also generating good numbers from sponsorship deals. Although, he is not in the great time and his performance went down with the passage of time. But, it hasn’t stopped money from coming into his account. Vinale is holding contract deal with Aprilla Racing for $10 million. While the brands endorsements is also adding $2 million to his account per a single year.

3 – Joan Mir: $1 Million

Joan Mir has started his professional racing career in MotoGP in 2019 and in the very next season in 2020, he made his way in winning the championship while racing for Suzuki. Mir is among the promising youngster and has the innate ability to run bike at very high speed. He finished 2022 season at 15th position and now will play for Honda in the 2023 season. Mir’s sponsorship deals makes him pocket $1 million annually.

4 – Pol Espargaro: $1 Million

The Spanis grand prix racer Pol Espargaro has recently signed the contract deal with the newly added team GasGas Factory racing team. Espergaro is one of the very sensational racer and has million of followers across the globe. However, he couldn’t make his way to become the champion. His sponsorship deals with multiple brand inclusing Red Bull, Kaspersky and Case Hi adds an additional $1 million to his account besides the $3.5 million annual base salary.

5 – Fabio Quartararo: $500k

The Frenchman is just 23 years old but no one can compete with his talent and racing skills. Fabio Quartararo is currently playing for Yamaha and is holding worthy contract of $6 million. He is the champion of 2021 MotoGP season but could not continue the winning streak as he finished 2022 season at 2nd place. However, his sponsorship face no decline and he is pocketing $500k for promoting Monster Energy, Red Bull.

6 – Franco Morbidelli: $500k

The best of his MotoGP career came in 2020 when he finished the season at 2nd place. Franco Morbidelli is one of the important asset for Yamaha and has the ability to win the championship. He is best known for his incredible pace and making sharp turns without slowing the bike. Thus, fans are hopeful for his win in the upcoming season. Moreover, brands are also investing good money at him. He is pocketing $500k from endorsements. Belotti is the major sponsor of Italian professional racer.

7 – Jack Miller: $500k

Jack Miller has signed sponsorship deal with Caterpillar and is pocketing heavy revenue for promoting the brand. Although, he has not won any championship since starting his career in 2015. However, his performance in getting better day by day as he finished the 2021 season at 4th and 2022 MotoGP championship at number 5. Miller’s sponsorships put an extra $500k to his account while his annual salary is $3 million.

8 – Jorge Martín: $350k

The Spanish Grand Prix racer has recently started his career and has shocked the world with his incredible speed. He is also present in the list as many known brands attracted toward him for his popularity and fame. Martin has immense fan following in the recent years. Thus, he is making good figures from the contract deal and sponsorships. Red Bull, Alpinestars, Canyon, Motoblouz and Breathe right makes him earn additional $350k.

9 – Alex Rins: $300k

Having started his professional career in MotoGP in 2017, Alex Rins is not able to lift any championship. However, he has shown positive intent so far in his career and that’s why, he is one of the most marketable cricketer. He is endorsed by various known brands and thus pocketing an additional $300k. His base salary per match is $157.5k which makes him earn $3 million for a single season.

10 – Alex Marquez: $300k

He is the younger brother of Marc Marquez and is also immensly talented. Having started his professional career in MotoGP in 2020, Álex Márquez couldn’t perform up to his will. But his team Honda and brands still believe in his abilities. That’s why, he is among the highest paid MotoGP riders. Alex is pocketing $1 million from the contract deal while the endorsements bring him $300k.

Top 10 MotoGP Riders With Most Expensive Sponsorship Deals

#No.PlayersSponsorship Eanings/YearContract Salary
1Marc Marquez$4 Million$14 Million
2Maverick Vinales$2 Million$10 Million
3Joan Mir$1 Million$6 Million
4Pol Espargaro$1 Million$3.5 Million
5Fabio Quartararo$500k$6 Million
6Franco Morbidelli$500k$3 Million
7Jack Miller$500k$3 Million
8Jorge Martín$350k$1 Million
9Alex Rins$300k$1 Million
10Álex Márquez$300k$1 Million

All these are the details about the MotoGP riders with expensive sponsorship deals. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!