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Biennial FIFA World Cup will bring 50% more financial rewards for federations but UEFA threatens to boycott if plans go ahead

Since Arsene Wenger presented the idea of FIFA World Cup taking place every two years, FIFA has been seriously considering going that route. In the recent Independent research carried out of Nielsen predicts 50% more revenue with an world cup every two years.

Biennial World Cup Guarantees 50% more revenue for FIFA and Member Associations:

Over the current system where world cup take place every 4 year, FIFA has traditional 4-year cycle where FIFA are predicting a massive £7 billion in revenue from 2018 to 2022 cycle. However with 2 world cups in four year cycle it will take potential revenue to $11.5 billion where every FIFA member federation will be guaranteed an extra $16 million.

Off the pitch success is massive as well considering world cup every two years will create more then 2 million jobs worldwide and it will help improve the game at the grassroot levels.

So will FIFA go ahead with Biennial World Cup plans ?

They are working on it but their biggest opposition is coming in the form of UEFA who absolutely not in favor of changing international match calendar. UEFA themselves produced that Nations League thing couple of years go and if FIFA were to go ahead with world cup every two years UEFA will have to scrap Nations League as world cup qualifiers will take their place.

Apart from that clubs are also reluctant as plans with world cup every two year will disrupt their pre-season schedules more often and they will have to release players in regular seasons for qualifiers.

One good thing however is international friendly matches might be scrapped all together as there wont be time in international calendar for friendlies.

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