Fake news of Conor McGregor and Javed Afridi to buy Chelsea

After Abramovich announced he is selling Chelsea after 19 years of ownership, Rumours about Chelsea’s new potential buyers started speculating. When the list was announced who will replace Abramovich as the new owner, MMA fighter Corner Macgregor and Pakistani Businessman Javed Afridi’s name surprised us all. There have been rumors claiming that Conor McGregor and Javed Afridi has emerged as unlikely candidate to buy it.

However, nothing is official at the moment. But the MMA fighter is really throwing his shot. McGregor announced on Wednesday evening that he would be interested in purchasing the Premier League club. His exact words were

I wish to explore this,” he wrote in a tweet, which included a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation in which he was told that Chelsea will be put up for sale for £3 billion.

However, even he can’t afford the price tag at which Abramovich is selling the club. The 33-year-old makes between £25-£50 million per UFC fight, which heavily depends on pay-per-view numbers.

His net worth is £150 million. Whether or not the Irishman can afford such the steep price tag remains a question. But if he really purses and is engaged to buy, many investors will back him.

However, Chelsea’s official Twitter handles deny his interest by saying If we wanted a crazy, hot-headed Irishman in charge, we’d have hired Roye Keane as Manager.

Javed Afridi fancies chances of buying Chelsea FC

Now came the rumors on Javed Afridi, he is the CEO of Haier. Javed Afridi is a successful businessman. He is better known for being the owner of the popular PSL franchise Peshawar Zalmi.

According to reports, Javed has held talks about buying Chelsea after the club’s current owner, Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, announced plans to sell it. Abramovich puts Chelsea’s value to be around £3 billion.

He has shown a keen interest in buying the English Premier League (EPL) club with the help of investors from Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom. However, his total net worth is $50 Million.

To put the rumors in nutshell, Swiss billionaire Hansjorg Wyss is being seen as a front-runner to buy Chelsea.

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