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Jake Paul Jorge Masvidal Fight


Jake Paul Wants His UFC Contract Demands Accepted By Dana White Before He Agree to Fight Jorge Masivdal.

Jake Paul Jorge Masvidal Fight

Jake Paul become one of the dominant boxers who recently knocked out two professional mixed martials arts fighter (Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren). After the fight he is been challenged by the other MMA stars, Paul responds to them there terms and condition set by the YouTube celebrity turn pro boxer. Jake Paul demands for fight with Jorge Masivdal reported.

Demands to Fight MMA Star Jorge Masivdal

I will immediately retire from boxing and fight Jorge Masvidal in the UFC if you agree to these things response to Dana White CEO of Ultimate Fight Championship

  1. Fighters Pay :
    Increase the fighters pay for UFC average fighters from $10k to $50k
  2. PPV Share Bonus :
    UFC made business of billion only few fighters received share from PPV fights
  3. Insurance for the Fighters:
    A long term insurance and health care program for all fighters which will benefit fighters who suffered serious head injuries.
  4. Deadline Date to Accept the Proposal :
    Only 5 days to accept it, before March 31, the boxer hint that he will retire from boxing and enter to USADA, agreed 1 fight deal with Jorge Masvidal.

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