Manchester City Top Deloitte Football Money League | City Leads The Ranking With Revenue Of €644.9m Over 2020-21

For the first time in the club’s own history, Manchester City Top Deloitte Football Money League Rankings. Last year, they were ranked at 5 in terms of revenue. However, this year Manchester City tops the Deloitte Football Money League rankings with revenue of £571.1million or €644.9m over 2020-21.

The reigning Premier League champions became just the fourth club ever to come top of the Deloitte list. Which examines the top-performing football clubs in terms of revenue every year. Their annual figure has grown by nearly 45 times since the first year of the Money League covering the 1996-97 season.

  • Manchester City had a 2021 revenue of €644.9million, compared to €549.2million in 2020 with 48% coming from commercial revenue, at €308.2million and 52% from broadcast revenue at €335.9million.
  • Man City achieved this feat with only €8,22,985 in matchday revenue.
  • The club earned €346.56 million from broadcasting and €318.07 million from commercial and other sources.
  • City Football Group, which owns Manchester City, is working with the Oak View Group to build a €447.67 million mixed-use arena next to the team’s Etihad Stadium.

Real Madrid (€640.7m) came second and Bayern Munich (€611.4m) was third and were the only two clubs to generate more than €600m of revenue in both the 2019-20 and 2020-21 financial years.

Barcelona with €582.1m fell to fourth, with Manchester United (€558m) in fifth, the lowest position they have ever occupied. Paris Saint-Germain (€556.2m), Liverpool (€550.4m), Chelsea (€493.1m), Juventus (€433.5m) and Tottenham (€406.2m) completed the top 10.

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