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Premier League Vaccination data Show 16% Players Without Covid Jabs

Premier League has finally revealed the numbers behind Premier League current covid-19 issues. As many as 16% top flight footballers are yet to be vaccinated which pose a big threat to the safety of others in the league. Premier League are set to hold an emergency meeting with the clubs representatives after the festive period to impose bans/restrictions on unvaccinated players.

How it compares to other top leagues around europe ?

If we compare Premier League numbers to other top flight it is evident PL has been very lenient on players who decide against Vaccination. Only 6% Bundesliga players are unvaccinated while In Italy only 2% players are unvaccinated which goes to show number of postponed matches in the same timeframe in England and other leagues.

LEAGUESNot Vaccinated in %
Premier League16%
Italian Serie A2%
Germany Bundesliga6%
Spanish La Liga8%
French Ligue 15%

How Premier League plan to cope with player vaccination ?

There was talk of Premier league halt for a week or two after the festive period but most of the clubs did not agree and it will be discussed again in two weeks time.

Premier League are set to announce vaccinations numbers every week and if players still refuse to take the jabs they might ban them for top flight football until they get vaccinated.

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