Where Is Mason Greenwood Now ? What happens next For him ?

Where is Mason Greenwood Now

A promising player of manchester United and later representing England in Nations leagues, Mason Greenwood was everywhere at the start of his career. However, no one had thought at the age of 21, that he will disappear from the field due to certain issues. A player who subbed Ronaldo and scored the winning goal, and challenged Ronaldo’s tactics. Out of blue can’t see these days. Let’s take a look at, where is Mason Greenwood now and what’s he doing?

Mason Greenwood

Euro 2020 Incident

Already then in 2020, while on international duty with England, Mason Greenwood started to show some unruly traits. When everyone was in the heart of a global pandemic in 2020, Greenwood and Foden broke Covid protocols in Iceland by bringing girls to their hotel.

Time at Manchester United

Greenwood lost his form for a while and couldn’t get on the scoresheet for a while. It was obvious that the criticism he got after Iceland really affected him mentally. However, he did find his form again in 2021 and was a starter for United at the start of last season.

Assault and Sexual Harassment Charges

After the Putting Euro 2020 incident in the past, he became United’s Starter in every match. But that too remains very short. As the latest controversy hits the park. It landed a huge blow when accusations of assault were heaped on him by his ex-girlfriend, Harriet Robson, via a series of photos and audio recordings that she posted on social media.

There were photos and videos of injuries done by Greenwood. All these surfaced on the internet on the 30th of January, 2022, and that very same day, Mason Greenwood was suspended by Manchester United and then arrested by the Greater Manchester Police on suspicion of assault and rape of a woman.

Rumors of Leaving

Sometime in April, rumors started flying around that Greenwood was going to go Scott free. They said he was set to rejoin Manchester United in time for their preseason tour of Australia and Thailand. The rumors became so loud that United had to deny them publicly.

In April, Greenwood was spotted in public for the first time since his arrest on the 30th of January. Now that we have enough background, here’s the latest on the Mason Greenwood case. On Thursday the 23rd of June 2022, after a hearing, Greenwood’s bail, was extended once again.


In conclusion, Greenwood is still on bail. He is currently suspended from the United squad, has lost his sponsorship deal with Nike, and was removed from FIFA. Honestly, the guy had so much potential.