Best Way to Watch NFL Streaming Online from Anywhere in the World

We all know that necessity is the mother of invention and with the advent of free streaming sites, we have seen this phrase come to life right before our eyes. Not every soul can afford the overpriced streaming platforms just so they can indulge in a few hours of high-quality uninterrupted sports entertainment. Because of this very reason, sports streaming sites have become increasingly popular among the netzines. But which one is the best, or in other words which one is the best to stream the NFL games?

For all NFL fans out there, we dedicate this article to you. If you like us were on the brink of losing all hope in finding a free NFL streaming site, then don’t give up yet. We channeled our inner NFL fan and spent hours coming up with a list of top streaming sites where you can stream live NFL matches, for free.

Best Streaming Sites for NFL

  • DaddyLiveHD- Literal heaven for all NFL fans, carrying numerous channels that stream NFL games. 
  • An exclusive NFL streaming platform from the creators of the r/NFLstreams subreddit. 
  • Sportsurge- A top-notch streaming site for all things NFL.
  • Stream2Watch- Answer to the desperate prayers of NFL fanatics.
  • NFLWebcast- Easy to navigate site dedicated to all things NFL.

1.     DaddyLiveHD

Following the downfall of USTVGO, NFL fanatics quickly turned to DaddyLiveHD, raising its ranks, and making it one of the best streaming sites on the internet. The website offers an easy-to-use interface and won’t bombard you with irritating ads as you stream. DaddyLiveHD houses dedicated schedules of upcoming NFL events as well as major channels that stream NFL such as CBS, FOX, ESPN, NBC, and the NFL Network. All the streaming links housed by the website are reliable, secure, and of high quality.

Houses major NFL channelsOne pop-up advertisement per stream
Posts schedules for upcoming sporting eventsUnlicensed site
Streams NFL matches in HD 


NFLBite is a free streaming platform, dedicated to all things NFL and developed by the creators of r/NFLstreams subreddit. The site provides a plethora of reliable streams that go live half an hour before kickoff. Supporting a user-friendly interface, NFLBite guarantees high-quality user experience and satisfaction. The site is not only free but is also not plagued by intrusive ads, providing a smooth and seamless streaming experience.

Streaming site dedicated solely to NFLLinks could be taken down
User friendly interface 
Reliable and top-quality streams 

3.     Sportsurge


Starting out as a free NFL streaming site, Sportsurge has since grown and now houses streams of other major sports as well. This web-based streaming service allows you to enjoy sports regardless of your location and device. Moreover, the site has a clean interface and is ad and cost-free, meaning you won’t have to sign up or purchase a subscription plan to avail of its services.

Easy to use interfaceSome links don’t work
Can be used on different kinds of devices 

4.     Stream2Watch

Another top-notch streaming site where NFL fanatics can live stream the games without hassle. Stream2Watch is renowned for housing reliable and high-quality streaming links. However, to stream those links you will have to register to the site. Even though the website has some of the best streaming links, it is plagued by invasive ads and broken links. 

Top-quality linksSome links might be broken 
Works on IOS and AndroidMust sign up to stream
Houses HD links to all the NFL eventsPlagued by ads

5.     NFLWebcast

A one-stop site for all things NFL, NFLWebcast boasts a clean and organized interface that can be easily navigated. The streaming site provides its services for free and doesn’t ask for a signup. Moreover, NFL fanatics can stream the games in HD via reliable and secure streaming links housed by the site. However, the site is heavily plagued by ads and pop-up that dulls the entire experience.

Clean and organized interface Heavily plagued by ads and pop-ups
Free NFL coverage