The 10 Biggest Contracts In The NFL In 2022

Either in terms of viewership or Money, NFL is pretty handy in both scenarios. According to Forbes’s richest athletes list, of the top 50, at least 27 players belong to NFL. That’s truly told the story of how much Big money NFL players are making. Nowadays, NFL players are making more money than ever. These 10 NFL stars are among the highest-paid athletes. They hold the Biggest Contracts In The NFL.

10 Biggest Contracts In The NFL

Due to a variety of reasons, Today, FL is enjoying luxury success in terms of finance. 20 years ago, any NFL player was fortunate to get anything close to $10 million annually. But the league’s revenue continues to skyrocket, and it’s largely thanks to the new television contracts that are worth approximately $110 billion.

More budget in revenue means increased salary caps for players. Hence, The more money that comes in, the more the salary cap rises. So, the more NFL stars will continue to make. Entering the 2022 season, these are the 10 biggest contracts in the NFL.

10). Russell Wilson – $140 Million

Rusell Wilson signed a contract worth $140 Million with the Seahawks. It was a four-year extension contract. However, Russell Wilson did not end up finishing his colossal contract with the team that originally handed it to him.

the contract was signed back in 2019. The Super Bowl 48 champion agreed to a four-year contract extension worth $140 million. However, Wilson and the Seahawks were unable to reach an agreement on another lucrative deal. Hence, the future Hall of Famer was sent to the Denver Broncos last month in a package deal that included two first-round picks and tight end, Noah Fant.

9). Khalil Mack – $141 Million

Khalil Mack stands for what he thoughts were his true worth against Oakland Raider (now Las Vegas). Raiders weren’t willing to pay the 2016 Defensive Player of the Year what he was worth. Short story, before the season opener, the Raiders traded Khalil Mack to the Chicago Bears for a whelming package that included a pair of first-round picks.

Unlike the Riders, Chicago valued Khalil’s worth and immediately gave Mack the biggest contract in NFL history for a defensive player. A six-year deal worth $141 million. The deal paid off immediately, as he led Chicago to 12 wins and an unexpected NFC North division title.

However, This offseason, the Bears entered a rebuild and traded Mack to the Los Angeles Chargers.

8). Davante Adams – $141.25 Million

Despite Green Bay Packer’s several attempts to convenience him to extend the contract. But Devante Adams wants to play for the Las Vegas Raiders, where old Fresno State teammate Derek Carr resides.

Vegas gave up its 2022 first and second-round picks to Green Bay in exchange for Adams. Afterward, the NFL’s best wide receiver was given a five-year extension worth $141.25 million. It was by far the richest contract for a non-quarterback offensive player in the history of the league.

7). Matt Ryan – $150 Million

Atlanta Falcons signed Matt Ryan on a five years deal worth $150 million per year. The 2016 NFL MVP has two years left on the five-year extension deal. Back then, it was the biggest contract in the NFL. However, now it lands 7th on the list. Matty Ice’s $150 million contract would further escalate the market for a starting quarterback. There are 10 active quarterbacks with a higher average annual value (AAV) than Ryan heading into 2022.

6). Aaron Rodgers – $150 Million

MVP award last season despite all the transfer saga and return, Aaron Rodgers proved his worth once and for all Green Bay’s. Aaron Rodgers sought a trade from the Green Bay Packers. But he ultimately decided to return for the 2021 season. His return get lucky as he won his second straight and fourth career NFL MVP award.

Green Bay’s front office managed to get on Rodgers’ good side, to the point where he agreed to a massive three-year extension worth $150 million. At this stage, it looks like Rodgers will finish his career right where it started.

5). Matthew Stafford – $160 Million

Matthew Stafford enjoys the $160 million worth contract given by the sams. And why not, He deserved this one. As Stafford had an MVP-like season and led the Rams to a Super Bowl 56 championship last year. The Rams rewarded No. 9 by handing him a four-year contract extension worth $160 million, which is tied for the fifth richest deal in NFL history.

4). Dak Prescott – $160 Million

Injury in the 2020 season, waiting for the call, and yet to deliver, Dar Prescott went through all. However, Dallas Cowboys knows the worth of his talent and skill. So, in 2021, Dallas handed the two-time Pro Bowler a four-year contract extension worth $160 million. Prescott returned the favor by leading Dallas to the NFC East division title and its first playoff berth in four years. Right now, this contract looks like a bargain for America’s team.

3). Deshaun Watson – $230 Million

Deshaun Watson has the third-biggest contract in the NFL. However, it was a big risk back then taken by Cleveland Browns to sign him for a fully guaranteed purse of $230 million. With this amount, extra pressure was on Deshaun to prove his price tag. Having given up on Baker Mayfield, the Cleveland front office is expecting the three-time Pro Bowler to lead this team to the promised land once and for all.

2). Josh Allen – $258 Million

Josh Allen was awarded the lucrative deal due to his top-notch performances on the field. He lead the Buffalo Bills to the AFC Championship Game in 2020. Based on his contribution and role in the team, He was awarded the second-largest contract in NFL history.

Josh Allen was the first pick in 2018 and he was then handed a six-year contract worth $258 million. From $258 million, $150 million is a guaranteed purse. In his last two seasons, He was worth every penny for the Buffalo Bills. As  Allen had 24-9 with 73 touchdowns, 8,951 passing yards, and 14 rushing touchdowns.

1). Patrick Mahomes – $450 Million

Patrick Mahomes has been rewarded the largest and biggest contracts in the NFL due to his supreme performance. He leads the Kansas City Chiefs to their first super bowl championship in half a century. As result, Patrick was awarded the 10 years lucrative contract worth $450 million.

However, the contract between Kansas City Cheifs and Patrick Mahomes can be worth up to $503 million. As the salary cap may increase and Mahomes will have it restructured overtime to clear up salary cap space.

Mahomes contract only tells the story of how much the quarterback market has skyrocketed in recent years. This $450 million deal should go down as a huge bargain for Kansas City.

10 Biggest Contracts In The NFL

RankPlayerPositionYearsContract Value
1Patrick Mahomes Quarterback10$450m
2 Josh AllenQuarterback6$258m
3Deshaun WatsonQuarterback5$230m
4Dak Prescott Quarterback4$160m
5Matthew StaffordQuarterback4$160m
6Aaron RodgersQuarterback3$150m
7Matt Ryan Quarterback5$150m
8Davante AdamsWide Receiver5$141.25m
9Khalil MackOutside Linebacker6$141m
10Russell WilsonQuarterback4$140m