NFL Referees Salaries- How Much do NFL Ref make?

NFL is a high-profile American football league with an average of 100 million viewership. League franchises pay huge sums to players in order to compete against rival teams. However, have you wondered what are the average NFL Referees Salaries?

If not, then this article will surely bring the highlight on NFL Referees Salaries. Let’s start with the referee’s role in the game.

Referees Impact on the game

NFL referees play a very critical role in the outcome of every game. Referees have the power to call the decision and any wrong decision will surely change the scenario. Referees enforced the rules and responsibilities to keep things in order.

NFL Referess salaries- Per game, Perseason

Total 7 referees in number officiate the NFL and Professional college game. Salaries are based on their level of the game. An average referee makes $1500 in every game.

Take a look at the highest-paid referee’s:

NFL RefsAnnual SalaryCureent status
Brad Allen$300K Active
Barry Anderson$300K Active
Michael Banks$250K Active
Allen Baynes$250K Active
Sara Thomas$180K Active
NFL highest paid referees

NFL referees made $205,000 in season 2020. It was an increase from the last season which was $150,000.

However, NFL referees’ salaries are not mentioned on any platform. It was based on retired referees’ interviews and contracts.

If a referee gets a chance to officiate in Superbowl, he got paid $5000-10000. Sarah Thomas in 2015 became the first female to officiate the Superbowl game.

NFL OfficialsPer season income
Senior Official$250K-300k
Rookie Offical$50K-60K
Female Official$150K-180K
NFL Referees Per year Income
FAQs Regarding NFL Referees Salaries

Q. Who is the highest-paid NFL referee?

A. Walt Anderson & Brad Allen are the highest-paid NFL referees.

Q. Who officiates the NFL Superbowl in 2021?

A. Sarah Thomas alongside Walt Anderson and Brad Allen.

Q. What is the average salary of an NFL Referee?

A. Referee got paid $1500 for one game. NFL referees make $205,000 per season.

Q. Sara Thomas salary?

A. Sara Thomas made $180,000 for officiating the 2021 season.

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