Pro Bowl Prize Money | How Much Each Player In Winning Team Earn | Pool Bonuses For Runner-ups (Revealed)

Pro Bowl Prize Money

The upcoming, Pro Bowl edition announced, it’s confirmed that event take place on 6th February at Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas, Nevada. Earlier this event always be part of January month of each starting year. But due to rising concerns of covid-19, the organizers moved it to the February 2022, first time. Pro Bowl prize money revealed.

StandingsPrize Money
Champions$80,000 (each player on winning team)
Runner-ups$40,000 (each player on losing side)

How much players on both teams will make from the Pro Bowl, event in 2022. The winning team players will make $80k each. First report regarding to players pool money reported in 2011, the data revealed, each player in winning team of pro bowl makes $50k and runner-ups $25k. After 2017, event the fund of Pro Bowl increased, each season there is 5% increase that rise player pool earnings upto $80k in 2022.

Once the format of Pro Bowl of AFC and NFC changed the purse money increased and revealed for the first time after 1971. If there will be more changes to Pro Bowl prize money details updated related to that later. Super Bowl next major event of NFL after Pro Bowl after 6 February 2022.

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